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Mid 80's Peugeot stem size?(2 posts)

Mid 80's Peugeot stem size?Jusme
May 6, 2003 12:51 PM
I bought a 1 " threaded stem as a replacement for my 85 Peugeot roadie. It's too big!!
I thought the 22.0 size was obsolete by the late 70's. I don't have a caliper to know the exact size, so I'm gonna run by the shop. If it turns out to be a 22.0 anyone know of a ource for this size stem?

Would the bottom bracket be French thread by default?
I finally filed down a steel Ritchey....cory
May 6, 2003 4:11 PM
you might be able to find one from or one of the vintage suppliers (I dunno who they are, but I know there are some). When I had the same problem on an old Motobecane, I finally (and very carefully) filed down the quill on a mountainbike stem. The difference between 22.2 and 22.0 is only about 1/125 inch, and it was a CrMo Ritchey, so I figured it would still be strong enough.