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Shimano 333 throttle shifter,similar to Schwinn krate style?(2 posts)

Shimano 333 throttle shifter,similar to Schwinn krate style?Trevo
Apr 23, 2003 9:55 PM
Saw a bike at the bike recycling place, there not open for a few more weeks, It was a Royce Union, with all "333" components. Part that stuck out the most was the 3 speed throttle lever shifter mounted on the top-tube. Does this bike have value? Should I knab it before its taken in and forced to sit un-used for a very long time? At this "bike dump"(for lack of a better term) The PM Optomist club rebuilds bikes and gives them out to people who ride them for transportation and such. Problem is that NO-ONE borrows bikes from them, and they know nothing of classic bicycles, or the difference between campy and shimano.

re: Does this bike have value? All bikes have valueStraightblock
Apr 24, 2003 9:55 AM
but a Royce Union is nothing collectable, IMO. They were a low-end bike sold mainly at toy stores & discount department stores. It would make an OK campus bike or grocery getter, but a nice old Raleigh or similar "English racer" would have a much higher coolness factor. Almost bought one for $10 at a thrift store recently, all original parts, but Mrs. Straightblock says the stable is full, and something like that sticks out more than another road frame or a set of wheels.