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Old Nishiki to Fixed conversion. Parts questions.(2 posts)

Old Nishiki to Fixed conversion. Parts questions.TrevorInSoCal
Mar 31, 2003 11:05 AM
I recently purchased an old Nishiki Custom Sport that I want to strip down and convert to a fixie.

It's got 27" wheels. Is there any reason I shouldn't build up a 700c wheelset for it? I've no particular desire to keep it "retro" so old steel 27" rims and hard-to-find tires and tubes have no appeal to me.

Also, it appears to have 95mm front dropouts. I thought 100mm was pretty much standard for a front hub, but the 100mm Phil Wood hub I have won't fit in the fork dropouts. Where can I get a new front hub for this thing?


Changing from 27" to 700C wheelsStraightblock
Mar 31, 2003 2:03 PM
may cause some problems with brake reach. The bike probably has fairly long reach centerpull brakes on it right now. You'll want to test-fit some 700C wheels first to see if you can lower the brake pads enough to meet the rims before investing any money or labor in new wheels.

I wouldn't worry about springing the fork wider to fit a standard hub. A 5mm difference is less than 1/8" per side. You don't even need to permanently spread it if you don't want to, just pull the blades out when you install the wheel.

Keep in mind that the Custom Sport wasn't a high-end bike, it was a journeyman college-kid campus bike. No matter what upgrades you throw at it, it'll still have a heavy & flexible long wheelbase frame. You might want to build it up on the cheap until you see how you like it. If you can do most of the work yourself and the wheels are in decent shape, you should be able to convert it to fixed gear for not much more than the cost of the cog.