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First ride on the Paramount ...(3 posts)

First ride on the Paramount ...Humma Hah
Mar 24, 2003 6:52 AM
... well, I did ride on it with my feet in the pedals, so I guess this qualifies as a ride.

The chainring should arrive this week some time, the front brake was only temporarily connected and the rear not connected. The seat post was too high and the stem was too low. I picked the largest tires I thought would fit to protect the rims until I get used to the idea that roadbike tires are not like cruiser tires, and the front kisses the crown of the fork a little. The rear is a 700c rim on a Suntour flip-flop fixte hub and carries a 32mm tire OK, with a couple of 28mm tires on-hand.

But it rolled, with me on it, about 40 feet, coasting down the driveway and a short distance up the alley.

I'll take my moto-tool home from work this evening to trim the brake cables and finish that installation. The seat that's on it is a rare collectable with an embroidered Schwinn logo, for show only, not for riding. A smaller tire, 27 x 1 1/8 for the Campy front wheel, is on order, and if that is a problem I've got a 700c wheel with a Mavic rim and a 28mm I know will fit. I've got a new black Brooks B66 on order for it.

What to do with that 27 x 1 1/4? Hmmm, I've often wondered if a roadbike wheel would fit on the cruiser. With that "new", slightly longer Corvette fork on it, I'm gonna try that 27" Campy high-flange wheel with the fat road tire on it, and see if I can get away with it.

I got my scale hung, finally, and weighed the bikes. The cruiser, Humma Hah, weighs 42 pounds as presently rigged, with the lights and battery but an aluminum MTB wheel in the back. My wife's old Higgins 3-speed weighs about 38.5 pounds. The Paramount, less chain and chainring and with a lighter saddle than the fat, sprung Brooks I ordered, weighs 21.5, not a lightweight compared to a modern race bike, but a featherweight by my experience.
slap that sucker together!tarwheel
Mar 24, 2003 11:39 AM
Now that the weather is finally warming up, you need to get the Paramount rolling. Post some pictures when it's complete. Why not some 700x25 wheels and tires? You're not going to be riding it off-road, are you?
I have a bad habit of hitting road debris ...Humma Hah
Mar 24, 2003 1:18 PM
... So I figured I'd start out with some cheap, fat tires until I can learn that you don't hop curbs on roadbikes like you do on cruisers. Once I improve my habits, it will probably end up 25 or 28 mm. Any of these wheels will improve dramatically on the 26 x 1 3/4 60 psi tires I'm running on the cruiser.

There is nothing wrong with the 700c front wheel I picked up except it is chrome-shiny and lacks the high flange. I'd rather use that Campy front hub that happens to have a 27" rim on it, that matches my rear wheel's appearance.

There's a very good chance I'll end up putting a new rim on the Campy hub and match front and rear 700c, and actually be able to find decent rubber for it.