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Last night -- bliss with my True Love ...(3 posts)

Last night -- bliss with my True Love ...Humma Hah
Mar 18, 2003 4:26 PM
I got off work very late last night. It was a very pleasant evening, cool but not cold, little wind. I stuffed the windbreaker in the backpack and rode home in my long-sleeved dress shirt, enjoying the near-spring weather for a change. An overcast sky helped make the evening quiet.

The cruiser was in good form. I'd just done some lube and cleaning work on it last week, and the tires were pumped up nice and firm after leaving them a little mushy this winter. My muscles are coming back rapidly after a nasty winter with way too many snow days (next winter, I gotta get some of MB1's studded tires).

The bike seemed so smooth, efficient, willing. It glided silently and effortlessly thru the cool evening air, urging me to pour power into the cranks and spin up those massive wheels. That great Schwinn handling made me smile ... folks who wonder why I've stuck with that relic have never experienced a moment like this on it. And I've been experiencing this time and again for more than three decades.

So to all of you who say you've held on to your oldies because of the great ride, or the great memories, I hear ya. Oh, yes, I hear ya!
how's the mistress (paramount) doing, hh?tarwheel
Mar 20, 2003 6:52 AM
Still waiting for some pix and ride report on that funky Paramount.
It sprouted a pair of Campy cranks last night ....Humma Hah
Mar 20, 2003 7:12 AM
Dave Hickey sold me a vintage Campy crankset for an insanely low price, it just arrived, and they're on the bike. The right (chainring side) is Pista, and the left is Strada. On the left, Pista and Strada seem to be indistinguishable except where the name is stamped on the frame side.

I have pages from a Schwinn shop manual for the Paramount of that vintage. The track bikes would have had Pista, the gearies would have had Strada, so this is a good compromise for a road fixie.

Now that the garage is usable as a bike shop, and I've got the cruiser converted to Corvette forks, its the Paramount's turn on the stand. Shouldn't be long now.