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Unwise to switch to larger wheel size?(2 posts)

Unwise to switch to larger wheel size?MLCrisis
Mar 18, 2003 10:01 AM
I got a nice frame dirt cheap (mid '80s vintage?)...on close inspection I'm pretty sure it was actually designed for 700c wheels/tires. I've got a number of good 27x1-1/4" wheelsets I could use...they look kinda' "crowded" but fit perfectly (with short reach brakes) on the "new" old frame. Any reason I couldn't/shouldn't use these wheels on this frame? (I'm thinking handling problems, etc.). Thanks for your opinions!
How well-stocked is your junkbin?Humma Hah
Mar 18, 2003 10:24 AM
The only two significant problems I'm aware of are brake reach and tire clearance, for those two sizes. With modern brakes, brake reach is probably the worst problem.

My Paramount is probably going to roll with a front 27" Campy wheel and a rear Suntour 700c flip-flop fixed, because they're the two that have high flanges and similar finish. My 700c front has a shiny finish on the rim. We're talking something like 1/8" difference in radius. Which wheels I finally use will have more to do with the brakes I have available for it, and if they will adjust enough.

Compare that to the recent change on the cruiser ... I put a Corvette fork on in place of the original. Corvette forks have brake mount tabs, and to provide tire clearance, they're about 5/8" longer than the originals. Raising the front end of the bike that much did make a noticable change in handling, but it is not objectionable.