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Trexlertown Velo Spring Swap(9 posts)

Trexlertown Velo Spring Swapwspokes
Mar 13, 2003 8:06 AM
Well, it is the first annual T-town Spring Swap coming up in April. I Hope to spot some of you characters on the east coast at this event. Stop by and see me when you get there, I will announce my field spot when I get the info back. As usual, I will have a few vintage items with me this year including about 5 lugged cro-mo framesets, all new old stock in 48-54 cm frame sizes for $50 and under! Also an Italian NOS frameset in 58-59cm with Columbus SL tubing for under $100. I don't care if you buy, you can come and look and see the vintage beauty. Maybe we can teach the young ones what lugs are...I will have some other items as well, some gippiemme brakes and levers and Campy Record hi flange hubs, NOS, NIB. Make sure you stop by to say Hi. I expect to see Humma-hahaha there again! Rumor is Spirito will avoid T-town for fear of buying and then having to worry about packing it up for Oz. Your conversation will be missed! Hopefully I can sell of some of these items and then sprint around to see what else is out there! If others are going and have a spot, let me know or stop by and say HI! See you for some spring time fun!

Walt A.K.A. Spokes...
I gotta remember ... EARLY next time ...Humma Hah
Mar 13, 2003 5:17 PM
... get in there FAST before all the vintage Campy track cranksets and brakes are gone!

I'll TRY to be there. As far as I know now, that weekend is available.
Hey HummaDave Hickey
Mar 14, 2003 4:24 AM
I have a 170 pista right only crank I'll sell you real cheap. It's polished up great. I also have a strada left arm in 170 that's not as nice.
Hmmmm ...Humma Hah
Mar 14, 2003 7:23 AM
... That could be interesting. At the moment, I've still got a throw-away steel crankset that I picked up from wspokes at the last minute just to get rolling. The right crank you have includes the spider, I suppose, so I should be able to slap a Pista chainring on it easily enough. There's a Shimano spindle in the BB right now, and I have a Campy Mirage spindle available for it.

As for the left not matching, well, heck, I've got a 1985 Plymouth Reliant (best car ever built) that has different hubcaps on the two sides. Who's gonna notice?

And 170 mm is my length.

Yeah, I'm interested.
I just found your missing crankarm!Humma Hah
Mar 16, 2003 5:49 PM
There's a classified ad on from someone who says they have a Pista left crankarm, 170mm, vintage 1981!

I'm gonna e-mail him. He didn't specify a price for this single piece.
Your's shipped today nmDave Hickey
Mar 17, 2003 12:23 PM
Arrived, and beautiful ...Humma Hah
Mar 19, 2003 9:51 AM
... I'll try to slip down to the LBS today and see if we can determine which size it is.

According to a few pages from a Schwinn shop manual on the Paramount, the track cycles would have had Campagnolo Pista, and the road cycles would have had Strada. They don't specify the BCD, but Sheldon Brown had some advice on the issue ... I believe the word was that 151 is ancient, and 70's vintage would almost certainly be 144. But I'll check against the actual crank for sure.

They ring like a tuning fork. Anyone else notice this? Its a really nice, precise tone, with no beat frequency, indicating a very precise match of the 5 arms in mass and dimension.
They're 144 mm BCD ...Humma Hah
Mar 19, 2003 11:47 AM
I figured out an easy way to check. I used a drafting program (an old-fashioned compass will work as well, to draw two concentric circles, one a 151 mm diameter, the other at 144 mm, and laid the crank arm on the drawing. The 144mm circle splits the bolt holes.

This is much easier than trying to measure the diameter hole to hole and then doing a bunch of insane trig to translate a 5-hole pattern to diameter.
Great. Many happy miles!!! nmDave Hickey
Mar 19, 2003 12:09 PM