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Alan / Nishiki Carbon bike(2 posts)

Alan / Nishiki Carbon bikeJR007
Feb 28, 2003 9:31 AM
My Father is giving me his old (mid 80's ??) Alan /Nishiki carbon with aluminum lugs bike. It's got Nishiki decals, but I'm pretty sure it's an Alan frame. Alan is stamped into the lugs. It's full Campy NR, and the bike is pristine. 1000 kms on it at the most. Problem is that it's a 58, and I ride a 63. I was contemplating swiping all the parts for another steel frame I have, and selling the frame / fork. Would it be worth more complete? Or is the value mostly in the Campy components?
screwed and gluedvan winkle
Mar 11, 2003 2:11 PM
i had one of those in 86. i had recieved from a sponsor the original alan carbon fiber, broke it in a crash, and by the time they got me a replacement it was being imported by nishiki. it was the nimblest climbing bike i ever had, but was built using old world concepts for a new world material (which is why it 'broke' - actually the crash caused the glue to break within the lug. nothing about the frame actually broke, the lug just came unglued.)
i still have the replacement frame in its box and have thought about selling it as 'vintage', but haven't found anyplace that will say anyone is looking for alan stuff (aluminum or carbon). so i think the value there is probably in the campy.