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The World Voyageur project: final stages...(3 posts)

The World Voyageur project: final stages...Djudd
Feb 5, 2003 12:39 PM
As some of the earlier participants in this board know I've been making slow progress on a fixie/free rebuild of a thirty year-old Schwinn World Voyageur frame. I can finally say I am in the last stages. Here's the rundown:
The frame came with original headset and bottom bracket.
Crankset: I ebay'ed a first generation Shimano D-A cotterless crankset (original equipment for ths bike). Front brakes: Weinmann centerpulls
Rear Brakes :Dia-compe sidepulls
Pedals: older Shimano Look-style clipless
Rims: Nashbar had new 27" Arayas for $9.95 each
Front hub: salvaged Sansin
Rear hub: Suzue fixed/free
Cogs: Shimano single-speed 17tooth,Surly 16 tooth
Brake levers: Shimano 600 aero (I love aero levers)salvaged from a crashed bike ten years ago!!!
Stem: quill (of course) Chromix 120mm
Bars: ITM 46cm
Saddle: ebay' Selle San Marco
Tires: Performance GT2k 27 1/4

I think that's it...I tried to keep the Japanese theme as this is a Japanese Schwinn. I have to wait for the weekend to put everything together and test ride!!! I have a 27 mile loop picked out, a little long for a test ride but I have been waiting patiently for too long. I am working very long hours because of the impending war, shuttle tragedy and other smaller news stories but I hope to ride this project Saturday morning. I can't wait!!!

Thanks for listening
re: The World Voyageur project: final stages...MLCrisis
Feb 6, 2003 5:06 AM
I'm working on a similar project with an old Raleigh frame. Authentic components can be tough to come by, but I've found some castoffs from local bike stores. Where'd you score the frame from? If you can, be sure to post some pics when you're done.
re: The World Voyageur project: final stages...Djudd
Feb 6, 2003 5:47 AM
I got the frame from You are right about the authentic parts being tough to find but e-bay is a huge help. I tried to keep a general Japanese/Shimano theme. All in all this was the best project-bike experience I've had. I met some really cool folks and had some interesting discussions with Schwinn aficianados.