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Garage report ...(2 posts)

Garage report ...Humma Hah
Feb 4, 2003 4:11 PM
... sorry, things are slow here, and I ain't made enough cycling progress to report anything relevant.

The garage, while not done, is functional, with the makings of a great little bike shop. It's a two-car garage, one door with a power opener for the wife's car (she made me do her side first), the other is manually opened and strictly for bikes and workshop.

This weekend I'm gonna pick one of three bikes and do some work. Probably pull the old fork on the cruiser, clean and relube the headset, and put on the Corvette forks, new front brakes on the bosses on that new fork, and install the fender for these wet commutes. The Peugeot and Paramount should soon follow, and maybe some fine-tuning of my wife's 1978 Higgins 3-speed, the newest bike in the stable.

Here's the garage, approaching my fantasy configuration. I've insulated and paneled the walls (still need to do the ceiling). Its wired with a 50A 240V subpanel sporting two 20A branch circuits and a 15A lighting circuit, and can power a welder if I ever so desire. The lighting is great and I have provisions for adding track spots or other special lighting if I need a little extra. The bike shop side has receptacles withing arm's length of any point on the walls. The outside light is on a photocell so it is on when I come up the driveway after dark. One light is switched from either end of the garage so I have light for coming and going. Most of the lights are high-efficiency compact flourescent.

Built-in shelves on adjustable tracks are installed high enough to not block any useful floor space, to get my junk off the floor. There's a large pegboard with tools my wife might need on her side, leaving my tools safe from pilferage. Along the shop wall I have a new Husky tool chest stack, a nice pro model with the ball-bearing slides and bunches of drawers to neatly sort my tools. Three bikes hang vertically on the bike shop wall, and the cruiser sits on its own little bed of carpet, proudly, on the kickstand, ready to roll. A timed charging station is dedicated to my two NightStick NiMH-battery lighting systems.

I have the Spin Doctor Pro bike stand, air compressor and tank, workbench, vise, grinder, table saw, probably will order a drill press soon.

There's a special shelf for bike ride stuff. My calendar and notepad for riding records and events hangs above it, it has a wig stand to hold the helmet, and hooks for the backpack and fanny pack. An indoor/outdoor thermometer lets me know how to dress.

And while I'm working, the old speakers from my college stereo system are mounted up on the shelves and powered from the living room entertainment center. If I want to, I can rig up the remote control extender and have full control over the system. Sounds terrific!

I can't wait to finally wrench bikes in my new shop!
Garage picsCalvin
Feb 5, 2003 3:46 AM
Too cold here now, but spring time might be good for some honest garage pics from the readers. No straightening up, just clip the pic and show everyone the mess.