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History on this Merckx frame(5 posts)

History on this Merckx framejvr-oclv
Jan 31, 2003 6:00 AM
If anybody can tell me anything about this frame or a web site with info let me know. Is this frame semi-rare? Is the tubing type any good etc. Follow this link for pictures:
I am not intrested in this frame but would like to get one in the future for a little less money.
re: History on this Merckx framegtx
Jan 31, 2003 11:50 AM
Those Molteni orange frames came out in the mid-80s and then were reissued in the 90s. I think the 80s ones had flat fork crowns, SL tubing, external brake cable routing and 126 spacing. The price is way too high on that one on eBay. I'd love one, too, but it would have to be an 80s one built up with Nuovo Record.
oh, and...gtx
Jan 31, 2003 11:52 AM
I think the 90s ones had his current "century" geometry while the 80s ones had his slightly steeper "race" geometry.
re: Take a close lookmarron
Jan 31, 2003 2:00 PM
If you will look closely you will see that this is not an SLX frameset. It is actually an MX-Leader. That would guarantee the Century geometry and would argue for it not being "rare". The finish is nice but there were a lot of those Molteni replicas made over the years. You also have to keep in mind that Merckx has made thousands of frames a year for over 20 years so that argues against rare as well.

This is the third time that this frame has shown up on e-bay and it is waaaay overpriced. When it was presented with a Chorus group the two previous times in January I e-mailed the seller and he said he was selling it for a third party who was looking for $1,800. Fantasy.

I would guess the frame is worth $500 to $700 and as a complete bike maybe $1,200. IF the seller would agree to a price in that range it would be a great bike. I have one in the Motorola team colors that is terrific. At that size the MX-Leader tube set really makes sense.
re: History on this Merckx frametarwheel
Feb 3, 2003 7:58 AM
To my knowledge, you can custom order any Merckx frame in the Molteni color scheme. They are not that uncommon, and I have probably seen a half-dozen of them for sale on eBay over the past year or so. It seems like they have sold in the range of $500-1000 depending on the model and condition. I actually bought a used Molteni Corsa in December made w/SLX tubing for about $300, but returned it to the seller after inspection because there was evidence of it having been crashed (ripples in tubing). The frame had a lot more nicks in the paint than what is apparent on the eBay frame.

Whether it's a good deal or not depends on you. Any Merckx dealer can custom order a Molteni Corsa 0.1 or MX Leader, but it would take a few months and cost more than what the seller on eBay is asking. It would be brand new, however, and have a warranty. I was quoted a price of $1,200 to special order a Corsa 0.1 in Molteni scheme by a couple bike shops, but I opted instead to buy a new in-stock Corsa in another paint scheme for $300 less.

Another option is to find a used Merckx and have it repainted in Molteni orange. You can buy the replica decal set from Gita Bikes for $50, and it would be just as "genuine" as most of the other Molteni Merckii out there. The trouble with that plan is even used Merckx frames aren't cheap, and a decent paint job and decals would probably cost another $400-500.