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Raleigh Super Course Mk.2(3 posts)

Raleigh Super Course Mk.2KDS
Jan 21, 2003 11:04 AM
Anyone have any info on this model? Just picked it up today to make it road-worhty for a friend. Very nice looking bike, green & white, reynolds 531 frame, chrome stays, Raleigh components (crankset & derailleurs), also has "Carlton" stickers on seat tube and fork. I just wondered if anyone knew the approximate year of this bike(I'm guessing late 70's), and if it is high end , low end or whatever. I think it will be a fun project, and it is nice to see another beautiful old bike back on the road where it belongs, not gathering dust and rust in storage somewhere. Thanks.
Middle of the lineStraightblock
Jan 21, 2003 12:05 PM
The Super Course was below the Pro, International and Competition, and above the Grand Prix and Record. Raleigh was also importing the awful Raleigh Rampar line from Taiwan for the bottom feeders about then.

Your guess of late 70s sounds about right. That's about when Raleigh gave up the Simplex and Huret stuff and started using Japanese parts. The Raleigh drivetrain components are re-labeled Suntour deraillers, and either Sugino or SR cranks. It's a decent bike that will give your friend a nice reto ride.
re: Raleigh Super Course Mk.2wooglin
Jan 21, 2003 3:20 PM
I had a regular Super Course back in the 70s. It does fall below the Comp GS and above the Record as the other poster said. The main triangle was 531 but the rest wasn't specified. Still, a nice ride. The retro raleigh web site used to have all the info you could possibly want, but it seems to be down these days. Anybody got a new link to it? I remember seeing the the Mk IIs in shops around 1980 or so.