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Vintage Colnago pricing(3 posts)

Vintage Colnago pricingXenophon
Jan 12, 2003 4:34 PM
First posting on the forum (always a lurker), and I'm hoping someone can give me a bit of advice:

I have a line on a Colnago Mexico which looks interesting (I love vintage steel), but I'm not sure about the price. It's in near mint condition, including the components (all original Campy NR, with Colnago pantographing, hardly used), and it's in my size, 62 x 59.5 cm, which is hard to find. But the guy's asking $975 for it. Seems a bit steep. Anybody have a gut feeling for a reasonable price? My definition of "reasonable" is what I might be able to re-sell it for (say, on eBay) if it turns out not to be to my liking.
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Jan 12, 2003 5:06 PM
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re: Vintage Colnago pricingDeRosaOrBust
Jan 15, 2003 5:37 AM
If this is a true Mexico, look for some tapered tubes near the joints and it is pantographed then this would be an excellent buy.