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Holks Racer; Modolo brakes(2 posts)

Holks Racer; Modolo brakestmguy
Dec 21, 2002 4:14 PM
Purchased Decemer 1983 as a graduation present from my parents. Lugged steel hand brazed by Cycles Yokoo of Ueno, Tokyo. Tange No.2 (equivalent to Columbus SL), short point lugs, flat cast crown, virtually a DeRosa clone. (See, someone else's pic in the vintage bikes in Built up witn Superbe Pro. I sold it to a friend, who has not riddent it in years. I will be "borrowing" it back. (If and when he asks for it; "how about $$$$.) The Superbe brakes are gone (presently an old Athena and Cyclone mix of calipers with AGC levers.

My question: I found some nice Modolo Speedys. Will those be period correct? Any thoughts? I still have the original levers, but they are scratched and the hoods are long rotted.

Any one remember what the order of qualtiy for Modolo was? Speedy, Equipe, Kronos ???

Any thoughts appreciated.
re: Holks Racer; Modolo brakesmapei boy
Jan 14, 2003 4:37 PM
FWIW, my wife had Modolo Professionals on her bike, circa 1985.