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fillet brazed GT Edge(2 posts)

fillet brazed GT EdgeKellyCross
Dec 16, 2002 7:59 PM
just picked up a older Edge w/ 8spd Dura Ace, anyone ridden one of these? any info on it would be great. remember seeing this in an old mag & always wanted one, frame is beautiful & almost immaculate. will post pics.
also heard these were the frames that postal or the national team rode is that correct?
re: fillet brazed GT Edgebuckeyerider
Mar 6, 2003 10:16 PM
I have a 1994 GT Edge, Excell Steel, fillet-brazed bike...was riding it up until this past Spring when i bought a new frame (Airborne Zep.)...from what i can come up with...1994 steel was from Excell..then '95 was True Temper, then '96 was Reynold's 853...magazine "roadbikeaction" (my fav.) did a review in '94 or '95 comparing the Edge in Steel, Ti, and Aluminum...Steel won their opinion as best material for that frame. it was quick handling and VERY lightweight for steel.
a few pro teams rode those frames (Saturn? and i think team USA also said they were on GT's)
my email is , i'd be more than happy to share more info/swap pics with you.