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Is this fair?(6 posts)

Is this fair?Humma Hah
Dec 11, 2002 5:04 PM
OK, so I've got this great new garage, but its all full of junk from the move, and kinda plain. The plan is to wire it as a useful shop, insulate and panel the walls, install a ceiling, insulate same, install bunches of shelves.

So I've got ONE WEEK of time off during X-mas to get as much done as possible. I figured I'd maybe get one wall done, get some shelves up and some stuff off the floor, and gain some utility from one side of the garage. This would then make enough floor space to get a ceiling up. Now, by my way of thinking, it being my labor, that first side would be the BIKE side, so I can build up the Paramount. Right?

But last night my wife was on the phone with her mother, talking about ice storms and scraping ice off windshields, and explaining to her mother that I was about to get HER side of the garage ready to pull the car into!

re: Is this fair?Lone Gunman
Dec 11, 2002 5:42 PM
Why does the car have to be in the garage during and ice storm? You get some of that heavy mill plastic, you cover the car windows and doors, let it ice on that, pull it off in the morning and you are good to go if you go at all.
Is this fair?Chainstay
Dec 11, 2002 9:34 PM
You make the garage ready for the car and put the Paramount together in the dining room. Then it's fair.
Now this is the right ideawspokes
Dec 12, 2002 7:31 AM
I agree with Chainstay...this seems like the most rational way to handle the situation. I have an enormous basement that I converted the one section to for my bike items. stand, drawers, refridgerator for the Coca-Cola I drink non stop...the girlfriend, who doesn't even live with me, was bugging me to convert one section to a photo room/craft room. after awhile of me not addressing the idea and the steady process of me moving more and more bikes and parts into the area...she gave up and bought me organizer drawers for all the parts and a parts box... NOW that is compromise! My way! Good luck Hummah hah
You do your side, she does her side...Silverback
Dec 12, 2002 8:47 AM
We had a similar issue a few years ago with an old shed on the back of our property. It's left over from when the area was rural, and we had plans for it, but it sat for several years. When I finally got around to putting in a shop (shop-like area, actually), my wife wanted half for an office. I figured the space was half hers, but I didn't see any reason the work should be all mine, especially if I had to do her part first while it was still fun.
She wanted to learn how to do rough carpentry anyway (the only kind I can handle...), so we worked out there together. She learned how to run a circular saw, frame a wall, hang drywall (we're still putting off the taping) and build shelves, and it was sorta fun.
One warning: I do most of the laundry and about half the cooking. This solution may not be viewed as a compromise if you have a more traditional inside/hers, outside/his relationship.
One of the things that goes in the garage ...Humma Hah
Dec 12, 2002 11:53 AM
... is the George Foreman grill and maybe a couple of other kitchen appliances. She no longer fixes dinners on weekdays, part of her approach to dieting, and complains when I stink up the house with my dinner.

I think she COULD do some of the carpentry. We've worked together on projects before at our cabin and on the house we just sold. She's a good roofer, a pretty good mason, and can tape and mud drywall like a pro. However, she HATES lifting, and would probably refuse to put up 4x8 panels of drywall or particle board. And electrical wiring scares her silly. 90% of this job will be the things I need to do.