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Are you a Francophile with a long wallet?(4 posts)

Are you a Francophile with a long wallet?Walter
Dec 3, 2002 4:48 PM
If so is for you.

Cyclartist has put up a couple of big $ items including a Confente that never met reserve. Wonder if they're checking the waters?

This may well banish the 7K PX10 as the big $ French ride.
it certainly is a nice one ....Spirito
Dec 4, 2002 10:42 AM
will it sell? - who knows ...... i would have expected a lot more interest from some of the other "big players" but then again its bordering on a little too big for most of them. have never seen the ebay I.D. "dickshooter" from the US on any fancy french ebay auctions before - i wonder if the bidder is perhaps genuine.

are new herse's still available or am i thinking alex singer? if so wouldn't this have a somewhat levelling effect on prices if they can still fabricate to the old traditional look.

spirito is now going to work on a Ross 5 speed with a hacksaw, some seatpost QR's, some tack welded coat hangers for the front rack, bondo to fabricate them fancy lugs and a copy of "Chrome Plating and Sign Writing for Dummies".

i figure i could do a 100 or so demountable "specials" and end my days on a desert island drinking pina colada's and riding behind Rae Dawn-Chong on a Derny motor-pacer-cum-support-vehicle. i hope to puncture at least 100 times a day ........

Motor-pacing. You get Rae Dawn-Chong and I get this...Dave Hickey
Dec 4, 2002 11:40 AM
Where did I go wrong?
re: Are you a Francophile with a long wallet?Heron Todd
Dec 4, 2002 1:03 PM
Oh, that is just too sweet!

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Heron Bicycles
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