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BB for superbe pro cranks?(8 posts)

BB for superbe pro cranks?xcrunner
Dec 1, 2002 9:42 PM
I'm having a difficult time finding info on compatibility for superbe pro cranks. According to the Rivendell site, if I don't have a superbe pro BB, my only option is a Phil. Is this true, or can I use an XC pro or something of that nature? Any help would be appreciated.
Any old bike shops left in your area?cory
Dec 2, 2002 8:56 AM
We got a new REI a couple of years ago and it's killed off all but a couple of our independent LBS's. If there's still a bike shop in your area that was open back in the day, though, they may have one lying around. Have them check to see if QBP stocks anything, too
re: BB for superbe pro cranks?xxl
Dec 2, 2002 1:59 PM
Don't know if it's exactly cricket or not, but I have Superbe Pro cranks, and have run Sugino BBs, as well as the Shimano cartridges, and haven't seen any problems. I've also run Shimano cartridges with XC Comp cranks, again quite successfully. As to why Rivendell makes the claim, I can't say; perhaps some years of Suntour deviated from the standard square-taper, or maybe they just want to sell Phil brackets.

I'm 215 lbs., and can torque it up pretty good, so consider that some sort of stress test.
re: BB for superbe pro cranks?curlybike
Dec 2, 2002 8:31 PM
The standard bb for the Superbe Pro English was 68-112 and supposedly had a different angle on the taper than standard. Phil supposedly made something compatable, call them up and ask for details.
i dont know for certain .....Spirito
Dec 2, 2002 10:05 PM
but im more than just guessing that the specific taper for suntour is the same as campy. any of the 111mm loose ball and cup bottom brackets since c-record to the current ac-h and sc-s (veloce/daytona/centaur doubles). also the current 111mm record track symetrical b/brackets are the same width, taper and spacing but save a few grams and you can boast of having a carbon sleeve. the older offset (super record b/b's and earlier) will have it sitting too far out.

that being said if its an english bottom bracket and you use a shimano b/b the difference is slight (draws a little further in) and can be fixed with a spacer on the non-drive side.

when Rivendell mentioned that they had the correct Phil Wood B/B i would be surprised if they weren't selling the Phil Wood modern campy taper b/b (110.5mm) which has no offset like the versions specced for older campy. im pretty sure the modern tapered campy and suntour cranks are the same.

easiest way to check is to call Phil wood and Co. and ask. its not a grat sin if you end up buying a cheaper and still good quality modern campy unit and save a few bucks. sure its not as good as a phil but its still sealed and most last aroud 3 years which aint bad for $30 odd dollars.

let us know either way just to settle the issue in case we are lucky enough to find a nice set of superbe cranks.

try this shopslow-ron
Dec 3, 2002 3:20 PM
This is a vintage bike shop and I think I saw a stack of these b.b.'s a few days ago as I looked for something else.

Kraynick's bikes (Gerry is the owner) located in Pittsburgh.


Fairly certain he'll have what you need at a great price. If he doesn't he'll certainly be able to answer your questions.
BB for Superbe Pro crankchar
Dec 4, 2002 7:07 PM
I still have these cranks and I believe the Rivendell site is correct. The taper is JIS not Campy but the starting point or length of the taper is different from Shimano. Here is what I have used over the years.

Bought the cranks and an Italian Suntour bottom bracket in the late 80s. Switched it over in the mid 90s to another bike that had English threading, Suntour no longer available, so bought a generic Shimano UN-52 bottom bracket 68x108, it worked great on this frame from the early 80s running 38x52 chainrings.

So if this is a NOS crankset and you want to be "correct" go for the Phil bb. If you just want to ride, get a current model Shimano bb, you may have to use a shim washer on the driveside for adjustment.

.02 Charlie
re: BB for superbe pro cranks?Manicmtbr
Dec 7, 2002 9:54 AM
I just put Suntour Superbe Pro cranks on my cross bike this year. Probably a set of early 1980's that I got a great deal on. Not knowing any better until now, I installed them on a 113 MM Shimano UN52 BB and I have had no problems. I think a 110 MM BB would be better, but I have had zero problems.

Good Luck!