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Tarheel: Look at this Merckx(5 posts)

Tarheel: Look at this Merckxmerckxman
Nov 29, 2002 3:54 PM
It is a nice looking bike except...Lone Gunman
Nov 30, 2002 3:42 PM
did I miss something or when were Campy parts "made in France"? Seller is describing the parts as Nuovo, yet all they say is "patent".

I will admit total ignorance on the history of Campy parts, but are my questions valid?
Campy in Francemerckxman
Nov 30, 2002 8:07 PM
I am not an expert either; but, Campy opened it's first plant in France (for assembly and finishing) as early as 1948. I believe parts were made there later (marked France). See for a Campy timeline. It's interesting.
Campy in Francewspokes
Dec 3, 2002 6:25 AM
Supersize the pics, the derailleurs say Nuovo Record. I don't think the NR was made in Francais though. Either way, pretty bike.
that's a beaut ...tarwheel
Dec 2, 2002 11:46 AM
I didn't bid on it because I've just been looking for a frame and the reserve was more than what I wanted to pay. It looks like a nice bike for collectors, but you can buy a brand new Corsa 0.1 special order with the same paint job for $1,100 -- and it would probably weigh at least 1/2 pound less.