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Colnago Du-Al Frame - Information Needed(2 posts)

Colnago Du-Al Frame - Information Neededdcarlon
Nov 27, 2002 9:38 AM
Hi: I am trying to get any information on the Colnago Du-Al frame. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
if im thinking correctly .......Spirito
Nov 27, 2002 10:35 AM
you are referring to the dual down tube alu version of the one below

was made for Colnago by Alan.

mackgoo "cutting seat post" 1/20/02 5:46pm

the poster and owner of the above bike is "mackgoo" so you might try to do a search on the general and components section of these forums. i know there is a pic of it well back in the photo galleries if you have time to click back far enough.

there is also a pic of it on the classic rendezvous website

Alan made some fine bikes and have yet to hear of any horror stories concerning their lugs. i have always liked them but have only seen and ridden one with normal tubing (ie single downtube).

they pop up from time to time on ebay but never really go for much more than an ok-ish regular frame of the same name. perhaps they should considering their rarity and uniqueness.

thats about all i know of ......

maybe post a "hey mackgoo ...." to see if he is still around on this forum.