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Brooks Setback(3 posts)

Brooks SetbackMika Hakkinen
Nov 26, 2002 12:23 AM
Has anyone here ever had a problem getting their Brooks Saddle back far enough? It seems they could have made the rails a little longer for more setback like lots of plastic saddles have. My current bike is a '68 PX-10 set up as my daily commute bike with a Brooks B-17 and a Kallyo Uno seatpost sized 26.2. I love the bike, and I love the saddle, but I'd like to get a little farther back. Does anyone know a trick for bending the saddle rails of a brooks saddle to get more setback? Or perhaps there's a 26.2 seatpoast I don't know about with lots of setback. I'm also wondering if a Brooks Pro maybe goes back a littls farther.
re: Brooks SetbackSteve Bailey
Nov 28, 2002 7:11 PM
Not so much a problem, but switching to a B17, which is the most comfortable saddle I've ever sat on, did change my reach to the h-bar. I just swapped out my stem from a 100mm to a 110 to get (part of) my position back.

No real great solutions and the Kalloy may well have about as much SPO (seat post off-set) as anything out there, short of a carbon thingie at $200 or so.

I'm generally Ok as it's on a Heron, which starts out with a more laid back ST angle to begin with, but I did notice that Grant at Rivendell commented on building up a new R-Dell for a photo shoot with a 72 or so ST angle, as opposed to the usual 72.5, just to deal with ths shorter saddle rails on a B17.

re: Brooks SetbackRonC
Dec 6, 2002 2:56 PM
The answer is the CLB seatpost , which is the same as the Vitus "aero" seatpost available at These used to be sold by Riv. and referred to as the "waybacker".

I put one on my Heron and now all is well with the world.

Another seatpost with almost as much setback is the Nitto "frog" available from Rivendell.