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'scuse-me Mr. wspokes(2 posts)

'scuse-me Mr. wspokesSpirito
Nov 19, 2002 4:41 AM
hi walt,

slipped my mind but i forgot to mention that i checked out some old wheels in the cellar of a LBS for your path racer-ish project.

yep they are old ... the coolest things were

a front 650b wheel with an airlite (i think) front hub - terrible condition though as the chrome on the centre axle was flaking away just by touch and the spinners were just as bad. would take a brave man to restore that one and i didn't even bother to check on the races and such. rim was trashed and bent.

also found a 27" wheel with a Resilion steel rear hub (didn't know they made hubs). again high flange and with a lock ring and fixed threading on one side and a multi cog freewheel threading on the other. took it home for loose change and slipped off the 5 speed sr freewheel snipped all the well rusty spokes and had a closer look at it with a friend. sadly it was was missing spacer parts, one cone was shot and the axle was slightly bent.

gave it to a friend as a paper weight and now have the rim remaining - for posterity only as its an old school steel rim with dimpled braking sidewalls. the only marking on it is "agrati" which nobody has heard of and doesn't have any links or info on the web apart from some motorcycle manufacturer which died out possibly long before this was made.

the hunt wasnt fruitless though - found some fenders, hammered alloy and fat. im thinking 650b size but am not quite sure. have a buyer already but i may keep for just_in_case one day ..... they look like they have never been used, have shop wear but are straight. havent had time to clean them and am not sure if they are lightly anodized gold or if its just 30+ years of bike shop basement yellowing grime.

alas .... no mo-fo Harden hi-flange hubs .... my latest drool objet du 'jour

the rest of the stuff didnt look very interesting but of course ill head back some day - them bike shop owners can be gimpish sometimes & i didn't feel like making myself too comfortable if you know what i mean. wink wink .. say no more

29 Charlie Gibb updatewspokes
Nov 19, 2002 6:42 AM
Much appreciated is your thoughts to peer in the depths of the grease filled basements of shops, thinking of the Charlie Gibb. I recently acquired some nice inch pitch Williams chainrings that fit nicely upon my crankset, also have an inch pitch rear cog coming, I will head to the local Agway, that's a 4H specialty place for you city folks, to check on a tractor combine chain. Rumor is, the combine uses a one inch pitch chain which would be far cheaper to purchase from their than search for a 1 x 3/16in pitch chain in the bicycle kingdom!

I have a integrated headset, the splined Williams BB and cups, recently I got my hands on some 30s NOS Northstar handlebars...very cool. For those not familiar with these, picture a new WTB dirt drop bar and think OLD. I also have a line on a wheelset from a guy in Kiwi. Good price also, fixed from the 30s with steel mid flange hubs, not lo/not hi! So when I sell of some more excess on ebay and elsewhere, I will buy them up. They are actually 700c and still period correct from the 30s. This is nice because it reduces my headaches of searching for some type of tires for the 650. Next step, get working on this guy and start putting it together! Til later, check out the pic...notice the mine! I wish! I dream! I drool!