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yo tarwheel .....(11 posts)

yo tarwheel .....Spirito
Nov 18, 2002 1:48 AM
how'd that merckx 'molteni' frameset work out?

you won't believe this ...tarwheel
Nov 18, 2002 7:49 AM
I have been ashamed to post about the Merckx because it was deja vu all over again. When I received the frame, I gave it a good inspection and my heart sunk. The top and down tubes had "wrinkles" on the bottom sides, about 2" back from the head tube -- suggesting that the frame had been crashed. I contacted the owner and he said, "Well, yes, I've crashed a few times but I didn't realize the frame was damaged."

Fortunately, the owner returned my money and I returned the frame to him. I'm afraid this was the last straw in my quest for a Merckx steel frame. I have bought two Merckx frames now that had been crashed with almost identical damage. Although I got my money back in both cases, there was a large hassle factor involved. I was ready to buy another NOS Merckx until the owner decided not to sell. For all the hassle I've gone through trying to buy a Merckx, I have just about decided to call it quits on the used bike market.

Right now I am just regrouping. I'm trying to decide whether to order a custom steel frame with Merckx geometry, or perhaps even abandon steel and order a Look carbon (which has similar geometry to the Merckx).
wow ....Spirito
Nov 18, 2002 11:34 AM
major bummer - sorry that i had not seen this but it was only a quick lookover when i spotted it. i hope my intentions didn't put you out of pocket and i feel not-too-well at getting your hopes up (not to mention time).

i really feel for you in that you have really really really wanted a merckx and little good fortune has come your way. heck ... if there is a god i would figure that if you mailed an account of your merckx fortunes to eddy he would send you a frame from his private stash at mates rates as a gesture of goodwill. stranger things have happened .... (are you reading this eddy?????)

beers on me if we ever meet in person and we can both lose ourselves in pity at all the bikes and chicks we have never had because of lady destiny and inability to afford rogaine. tom waits is on the juke box.

maybe its something to leave on the backburner for a while and perhaps fortune will swing you way as a nice surprise.

sincerely sorry to hear of your fortune

is Tom Waits still alive?..Dave Hickey
Nov 18, 2002 12:57 PM
That was great music. Come to think of it, I'm not sure he was alive when I was saw him in 1982:-) How about the New York Dolls. Do you have them in your LP collection?
is Tom Waits still alive?..desmo
Nov 18, 2002 6:33 PM
How about the New York Dolls. Do you have them in your LP collection?

Hell yes. Thunders' solo Lp's as well.
well said :-) (rantish - here i go .....)Spirito
Nov 19, 2002 4:11 AM
yes he's still kicking but rarely performs anymore. i think it was 2 or so years ago that he did a small show at cbgb's (kinda word of mouth surprise) and i went along with a friend who was clued onto this and who i was keen to learn more about and be with. tom was cool and he enjoyed the intimate and low key atmosphere ..... literally a cliche in that you could have heard a pin drop for some of his solo's. we were his and he carried us with his mood and thoughts through melody.

sadly for me my friend was so moved and carried away with his vibe, music and words that she used it as an excuse to go on a a melancholic drinking and rambling garbage session following. i listened to endless crap and really felt unattracted to her in that any thoughts of bedroom action soon became plain unappealing.

so we got it on anyway ;-) ... it all adds up on some tally (funny, we kinda lost touch after that and have mostly small talk when we occasionly run into each other)

re: the dolls - very cool but my LP days are well behind me - many stamps in passport and living in 4 continents and 6 countires in 7 years are to blame.

napster helped for a while but one of the +'s of NYC is that there all sorts of music played, dj'ed and accesible wherever you may go.

i dont think im getting old in saying that much of what i hear today is crap - a lot of todays new music is listened to by youth and parents alike. i liked my tunes to not be understood or hummed by my parents - whereas now mums and dads groove to eminem, blink 182, goo-goo dolls and whatever other crap is shoved and marketed down peoples throats.

dont for one minute think i have good taste in music though as friends are desperate to leave whenever i control the jukebox or cd play list.

think velvet undergound
followed by human league
followed by nick drake
followed by mahler's 5th
followed by stockhausen
followed my enio morricone
followed by (early) rolling stones
followed by shostakovitch
followed by epmd
followed by johnny cash
followed by iggy pop
followed by donna summer
followed by ludwig van B.
followed by salsa y meringue
followed by led zepplin
followed by classic house music 'all night long - say whaaat?

this is before i start getting obscure (and no im not into drugs either)

funnily enough when web trawling i usually have one playlist continously looping that is the same song "brasil" in about 17 different version's by different artists of different styles. la la la-la dadaah da dah daa, brasiiiill ...
perhaps thats why so much of what you may read here is from somewhere else for want of a better word. a trinidadian steel drum version is my favorite but as i recorded it from a friends cd i didnt think to note the artists or details (cddb works .... my arse it does)

whilst i am critical of other peep's taste in music i surely think anyone who doesn't dig my favorite tunes as someone of no taste or insensitive to beauty.

dont get me started on film ;-)

Look out, he's on a roll...wspokes
Nov 19, 2002 5:16 AM
Spirito is on a roll...

Good Spew! Velvet! it's in my CD deck right now, as you will also find. Cake, I know, I I will be damned if they aren't so different, I like em! Radiohead, I have listened to them from the early moments on up and their music is always evolving and changing, love em. Classical, other music I enjoy when the CDs aren't squawking in the car. Huey Lewis and the News...just kidding. Got ya! There are many more and I am going to cease to continue, it always seems that when I enjoy something they begin to change to more mainstream and the quality decreases dramatically.

Films?? Movies?? Go ahead Spirito...let's hear it! Don't deny that Breaking Away is a classic in it's own right! Ed Wood movies ROCK! If you saw my movie and DVD collection, you would roar in laughter. Bela Lugosi, Nosfaratu, Muppets, I could go on....

Time to get back to classic bikes for me...
a small, insignificant listsn69
Nov 21, 2002 7:00 PM
"LA Story"
"Zen Arcade"
"Big Lebowski"
"Black Coffee Blues"
"Better Off Dead"
"Party At Ground Zero"
"The Razor's Edge"
"Secret Treaties"
"Cruel Shoes"
"Dhamra Bums"
anything Robotech
"So Much For The Afterglow"
"The Boilerplate Rhino"
"Blue Train"

...various titles from my collection: musical, written, spoken and acted word.
no harm done ...bianchi boy
Nov 19, 2002 6:58 PM
It was nice just having the Molteni Merckx to admire for a few days -- it's really a classic color scheme. The damage could easily have been overlooked, but I was sensitive to it after my experience with the other Merckx earlier this year. It was really obvious, however, when I looked at the frame in good light and I could feel the "wrinkles" when I ran my fingers under the tubes. My suspicions were confirmed when I contacted the seller and he admitted the frame had been crashed a few times.

My total cost for looking at the frame was minimal, so I don't feel too put out. The owner sent it COD, which added $55 to the cost, but then returned my entire check uncashed. I shipped it back FedEx, and they only charged me $8.50 with insurance. I asked the guy at FedEx to doublecheck as the price didn't seem right but he said that's all it was.

Anyway, in the meantime, my wife has finally relented and agreed to let me buy a new frame for Christmas and my birthday. So, I'm trying to decide now whether to order a custom or something on closeout. I could order a custom Merckx Corsa 0.1 from Belgium for about $1,100, although it would take a few months. And there are several custom shops that could build me a Merckx "clone" for about that price or cheaper. So I'm just mulling it over right now.

tarwheel/ bianchi boy
you won't believe this ...gtx
Nov 19, 2002 7:38 PM
I thought the first one wasn't damaged--it just had some funky tube shaping. Why not call the distributer and see if they can turn you on to a shop that's sitting on a bunch of NOS frames? Shouldn't be that difficult...
Don't Give Up, Time Takes Time nmmerckxman
Nov 18, 2002 8:00 AM