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i just got an old eddy merckx(4 posts)

i just got an old eddy merckxndkim
Nov 11, 2002 4:55 PM
my neighbor was throwing this bike away, and i picked it up. there is a county "bicycle license" sticker that says 1984 on the downtube. i think it's funny that you needed a license back then. anybody know about this bike? what year? how much it was? etc.

here's the rest... (56k warning)
Older than 84Walter
Nov 11, 2002 5:19 PM
The bike screams mid to late-1970s Boom special to me. Any earlier than that and you'd have low-line Simplex rather than the Shimano Titlist.

A similar Merckx appeared here awhile back. It was probably a little older as it was all Euro but with a cottered crank.

Not a highline bike. Merckx like most manufacturers of the time offered a wide range of bikes. This, with the Reynolds main frame tubes and the SR cotterless crank, would compare favorably to many bottom liners. With that frame it's arguably better than a similar vintage Schwinn LeTour, Peugeot Uo8 or Motobecane Mirage. All those bikes were +/- $200msrp in 1978 or so and I'd guess this Merckx was about the same when it was on the LBS floor.

Probably zero collectability but I'll hedge my bet a little bit as it's the "right" color and there might be a collector out who is building the comprehensive Merckx collection from bottom to top.
could it be?ndkim
Nov 11, 2002 5:19 PM
just found this on

the one with eddy riding is the real deal ....Spirito
Nov 11, 2002 10:46 PM
cant remember who but they were made by either colnago or de rosa.

the merckx in question posted here is made by falcon of england. a little money spinner for merckx in the mid 70's as he licsenced his name and likeness. the main tubes are likely 531 but i doubt the stays and forks are. falcon made some Ok bikes and were usually low to middle pricepoints. average to poor workmanship and finish and nothing special to ride. usually specced with entry level parts. eddy had nothing to do with the falcon made "molteni" merckx's and has never ridden one either.

there is a big difference between a real molteni team bike and a molteni repro by falcon and that includes disparity in price.

falcon did make some nice but not brilliant bikes but the "molteni" merckx replica's were made cheap and sold cheap.