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retro moderne hubset(2 posts)

retro moderne hubsetSpirito
Nov 7, 2002 10:45 AM

just thought some of you may be interested in these. not sure if am-classic still have the parts to play with the spacing widths but these hubs are a good thing - old school yet new school.

toss the skewers and you have cut price bulls-eyes or fly weight phil wood-esque hubs. a friend has these built up and is very happy with them where as his vintage campy hub wheelset is relegated to objet d'art on his walls.

no relation to the seller. i wonder where the reserve on these is?
Nov 7, 2002 11:41 AM
When I raced in the 90s I used to get American Classic Equipment items, some free, some cheap from ACE. Nice Stuff. Always reliable. smooth and they worked well for TT and Road racing. Strong wheelsets also. I still have a ACE front hub "vintage" early 90s...I wouldn't consider these vintage but they are definitely a good quality hub that run forever and run smooth.

Don't toss the skewers. they were wiry little super lightweight wonders! I still have all my skewers! I loved the little devils.

I will try and upload the new hubs I got last evening. still in the original box. Campy Record H/F. Schweeet!