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drop vs. mustache vs. bullhorn handlebars(2 posts)

drop vs. mustache vs. bullhorn handlebarstarwheel
Nov 6, 2002 6:39 AM
I understand the reasoning behind the design of drop bars, but what are the advantages of mustache and bullhorn bars? Are they just for riders who don't like riding in the drops? Aren't there problems associated with attaching shifters? In a way I am surprised that more riders don't use bullhorn bars, in particular, because so few riders use their drops these days because of their handlebars being positioned so low. Just curious.
After I listened to Grant Petersen....cory
Nov 6, 2002 7:57 AM
I had mustache bars on my Allez for a year or so, and I liked them on all but long rides (there's no real equivalent to riding on the tops of a drop bar). When I got my Atlantis, though, I set it up the way Grant recommended, with bars level with the saddle. It opened up a whole new world--I still ride on the tops or the hoods most of the time, but when I need to get down on the drops to get aero (lots of headwind around here), I can actually reach them comfortably now. I swapped the mustache to my singlespeed, which I use mainly around town, and it works fine there.
As for attaching shifters, all the mustache bars I've seen are using bar-ends. That's what I had on mine, but I've used bar-end shifters for years and I'm used to them. I imagine STI would function, but seems to me it would feel weird.
I have bullhorns on another bike (homemade, actually--flipped the drops and cut them off)--and they make a nice change. That frame's a little small for me, so I never used the drops anyway. Brake levers are the stock ones turned around so the cables point backward, and the shifters are on the downtube. It's just an old beater I fiddled with one night...