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Questions re: Nishiki Olympic 12(6 posts)

Questions re: Nishiki Olympic 12Wise
Nov 4, 2002 9:19 PM
Hey guys and girls

I just bought a used nishiki olympic 12 for 30 bucks. I don't know much about bikes prior to circa 1998, and I was wondering if someone could tell me a bit about nishiki and anything they knew in particular about the nishiki olympic, like, how old it might be. Thanks
re: Questions re: Nishiki Olympic 12desmo
Nov 5, 2002 12:31 PM
I have one that I bought at a goodwill store for $1. Touring model with super long wheelbase with 27's. Nice chromoly lugged frame, fork stamped Tange would guess frame is as well. I converted it into a single speed and use it for bombing around town. Super nice riding frame but it weighs a ton (pushing near 25lbs as a single speed!). Not sure the years they made 'em but would guess late 70's to early 80's. I know they made a "racing" geometry as well. I would not put any money into but they are nice bikes if you can work with the parts it came with.
re: Questions re: Nishiki Olympic 12Wise
Nov 5, 2002 3:16 PM
Thanks for the response desmo..

I have been pondering the possibility of fix-gearing the nishiki, but my frame has vertical dropouts. Anyway, I've been trying to do it the low-budget way: I stripped it down the other day and put the 5 spd freewheel back on trying to loop the chain from the big chainring to the big ring in back, but there was still too much slack. I put the rear der back on to use as a kind of chain tensioner, but w/out a cable to hold it in place, it pulls to the outside, leaving my single gear something like a whopping 52-12... unfortunately even my pounding legs of thunder have trouble comfortably driving that gear from a stop.

I haven't tried to yet since I dont have a chain tool, but is it possible to take links out of the chain so that it will fit the 52-21 or whatever the big gear in the back is?

Whats the cheapest way to build up a 27 inch fixie wheel, if you dont have any parts?

thanks for your help
Everything you need is here->Straightblock
Nov 5, 2002 4:32 PM
Sheldon has all the answers
Sheldon IS the man, but I'm the boy...cory
Nov 6, 2002 5:15 PM
I converted an old Trek to singlespeed last year and came across some tips that might help you:
If it uses a freewheel rather than a cassette, a BMX freewheel will spin right on. They cost about 14 bucks and are available with from about 14 to 20 or 22 teeth. Mine is geared 34/20 (old middle ring from the triple), and it's too low for riding on the flat. I live with it because we got hills here.
You'll also need a spacer or two to move the freewheel out to get a good chain line. They're about a buck each at BMX shops; mine took one 4.5mm spacer, but it's OK to stack them.
You might luck out on tension. I did--I had it hooked up with a derailleur as a tensioner, but it was ugly so I took it out. Fiddling the tooth count by one or two either way might take up slack. Sheldon has information on that, and I think a formula for figuring out how much difference each change will make.
Sounds like a lot of trouble, but it's really not, and the bike is WAY fun.
re: Questions re: Nishiki Olympic 12desmo
Nov 5, 2002 6:13 PM
on mine the straight chainline from the 52 goes to the 20, so I cut the chain to fit that and ground the other cogs off the freewheel on a bench grinder (hell of a fun job). I have long dropouts though, you might not get that lucky with chain length. if that does work and you want fixed you can braze up the freewheel. that's as cheap as they come! read through Sheldon's site for more and better options. have fun.