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I bought this Austro Daimler for $1.00...(10 posts)

I bought this Austro Daimler for $1.00...FTMD
Nov 4, 2002 8:40 AM
I bought this bike at a garage sale for a dollar. Had never heard of it at the time, but I learned from snooping around on Sheldon's site that the AD's were actually from the Puch company and were Puch frames rebadged to sell in the states. From the descriptions on that site, I'm having a hard time figuring out which model this bike is exactly. All of the components are Suntour, with the following exceptions: the freewheel appears to be Sachs, the brakes and rims are Weinmann and the stem and bars have "SR" (super record?) stamped into them. It's a 5 speed with 27 inch wheels. All the components appear to be original, even the tires (which state made in Austria). When I brought it home, it had front and rear rim drive lights and a rim driver speedometer. I yanked all of that off for the pictures.

Can anyone give me any detail on this bike? Which model? Approximate year? What it sold for at the time, etc., etc.

My dad has been wanting a roadie for a while but he's so tight he squeaks. So, this is going to be his bike.
headtube (nm)FTMD
Nov 4, 2002 8:44 AM
lugs and fork crown (nm)FTMD
Nov 4, 2002 8:54 AM
SR is probably "Sakae Ringyo" (or close to that)...Silverback
Nov 4, 2002 9:12 AM
There was a long thread about AD and Puch in here a few months ago. I remember the bikes (mid to late '80s, I think) but didn't pay much attention to it. Sheldon's the man...
Suntour (you probably know) was a thriving competitor to Shmimano in those days, and some of the stuff was quite good. I'm still using XC Pro thumb shifters on my commuter, and I had a set of bar-end shifters I loved, but they got stolen along with the bike.
The other components are typical of the time--those are solid companies that made a range of qualities and prices; I don't remember the model names to judge whether it's high- or low-end.
The SR probably stands for Sakae Ringyo, I think it was (maybe Sekae??). They made a ton of stuff in the early days of mountain biking, and a lot of it got used on touring bikes.
With a clean and lube and new tires, it should be fine. The gearing, from what I can see, even looks newbie-compatible. Nice buy.
SR is probably "Sakae Ringyo" (or close to that)...FTMD
Nov 4, 2002 9:59 AM
Ah..I should have searched first. Thanks, I'll see what I can learn from the old thread.
Sakae...Andy M-S
Nov 4, 2002 9:34 AM
SR is probably Sakae; it's an odd bike. The chrome on the fork crown argues for higher-end, but the claw-mount derailer and stem shifters argue for lower-end. Also, something about he front brake mounting looks somehow odd--as if the brake pivot is going through the steerer instead of the crown...

Sure looks well-preserved!
Nov 4, 2002 9:57 AM
Good eye.......I hadn't noticed the brake mount. I'll give that a closer inspection tonight. My gut feeling is that the components are indeed lower end stuff. No worries about that tho...
Plus thescottfree
Nov 4, 2002 11:08 AM
brake cheater bars argue for low end too. But man -- the paint and chrome look great, and the lugs are pretty nice. I'm betting the frame is better than the components. Does it say chromoly anywhere?

Should be a nice bike for your dad to get started on.
Huh??? through the steerer?Lone Gunman
Nov 4, 2002 3:17 PM
Take a closer look at the mount on the front as compared to the back as they are center pull brakes and go through the crown. Also with the cups being chrome might throw you off. And yes SR= Sakae.
That's one-fifth what I recently paid for a pair of ...Humma Hah
Nov 4, 2002 1:45 PM
... NOS Weinmann brakes, after talking the dealer down to half his asking price (I need only one of the pair for the cruiser).

Great deal -- there's no way you could go wrong for a buck.