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What to do with my chromie...(1 post)

What to do with my chromie...Lone Gunman
Nov 2, 2002 6:50 PM
Pulled the bikes in out of the cold today and was looking the chromie over. I found some rust on the lugs under the top tube and the BB shell area. Quickly cleaned them up but the lugs and part of the tubes are looking cloudy. Discovered that the clouds are caused by the clearcoat on the frame releasing and chipping off. And when the clear chips off the lugs and tubes really shine. I want to preserve the original decals and I want to remove the old clear and possibly have it resprayed with new clear. How do I do this and not destroy my beloved chromie original decals? Should I leave the chrome alone and polish it like mad after I remove the old clear? How do I get the old clear off, acetone? Suggestions?