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You don't see dimensions like this too often.............(3 posts)

You don't see dimensions like this too often.............chopper
Oct 31, 2002 9:08 AM
Ouch, my back hurts just looking at it nm...........Dave Hickey
Oct 31, 2002 9:56 AM
It's not that odd considering...timfire
Nov 4, 2002 5:10 PM
I presume you guys are refering to the long TT (58.5cm) and relatively short ST (54cm).

I would guess the bike was probably designed to be used with a shorter stem than is standard today. A 58.5cm TT with a 7cm stem is the same as a 55.5cm TT with 10cm stem. A 54cm ST with a 55.5cm TT would seem to be fairly normal for a modern bike.

--Tim Kleinert