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spirito -- you da man!(15 posts)

spirito -- you da man!tarwheel
Oct 30, 2002 7:00 AM
Thanks to a timely tip from Spirito, I will soon be the owner of a Molteni orange Merckx Corsa Extra. I contacted the seller Spirito saw at the Trexlertown swap meet, and everything seemed to check out -- so I told him to send me the frame. It should be arriving in the mail any day now. Although I was looking for a size 56, I have come to the conclusion (hopefully not wishful thinking) that a 57 might fit me just as well or better. I ride with my handlebars fairly high, so the larger frame makes it easier to do that, as long as the top tube doesn't fit too long.

I'll post some pictures when possible. The frame is a replica of the Merckx Molteni bike with an Eddy portrait headbadge. Sorry guys, but I'll be building it up with an Ultegra STI group, not w/ Campy downtube shifters. I need all the gears I can get. What's ironic is that I was considering ordering a Landshark or other custom in Merckx geometry and painted to match the Molteni paint scheme -- similar to some frames pictured on the landshark website. So, instead I got the real thing (and for a lot less money).
It's about damn time!!!!! Seriously, congrat's nmDave Hickey
Oct 30, 2002 7:04 AM
thats not very polite mr. hickey .....Spirito
Oct 30, 2002 12:44 PM
but very funny tho ...... :-)

in fact at T-town i mentioned to wspokes and hummah
"where is *(^&*(& Tarwheel - he'd cream his pants if he saw some of these merckx's !!"

... fate has fixed that in its own cute way and if karma allows we can all look forward to some very proud pics from a happy Tarwheel.

hey Tarwheel - im not big on trumping prices for other people's property but i hope the price you paid was the same (or less) than he mentioned to me & did he throw in the new headset? im happy you followed it up as im sure it couldn't have gone to a better or more welcoming home.

i hope its shipped fedex so that mr. hickey's paper assets (surely you get Top Brass share bonuses, dividends and such) are higher and mrs. hickey approves of a few cycling trinkets for himself come christmas time. (she looks so sweet ........ but pictures can deceive and im backing you all the way 'coz we always lose - god planned it like that !!! )

the classic forum is one big happy place - soon our man hummah will have us chrome drooling and i saw an unreserved determination in the eyes of young wspokes when he was brandishing them williams cranks at T-town - perhaps a new years pride and joy when its together?

you cats not only crack me up but make me feel somewhat sane - god bless you all.

now how can we get lonefrontranger to stay in this forum so we dont have to vie for her attention with all them no-style-nancy-boys ova' there?

Mrs H is going to give me coal....Dave Hickey
Oct 30, 2002 1:10 PM
I'm in the doghouse with Mrs. H regarding my bike spending. I've promised to sell a lot of things and I haven't gotten around to it. I was happy to hear your buying again. I miss your posts of sexy hubs, chainrings, etc... I agree with you about this group being a family. Who else would think hubs are sexy!
thats not very polite mr. hickey .....bianchi boy
Oct 30, 2002 6:22 PM
I paid Mr. Merckx what he was asking, $300 plus shipping, and he threw in a new Campy Athena head set. I didn't try to talk him down because I knew he could get more than that on eBay, and he seemed like a straight-up guy. He said his bike shop offered him $225 for it. I was prepared to spend up to $500 for a used frame if it was in top condition, but any more than that and I would have ordered a new one.

Ironically, I had just about decided to order a custom frame but was a little undecided about the sizing and geometry -- particularly after reading jtolleson's experiences with the toe overlap. So, I figured for $300 I could ride the Merckx for a while and, if the geometry suits me, I'll have a better idea about what to order in a custom (or maybe decide I don't need one).

Spirito -- If you make it down to NC for the Cycle's d Oro Classics Rendezvous or other reasons, let me know because I owe you a few beers and/or a meal somewhere.

Now, for my next project I will have to decide what to do with my old Bianchi frame. It would make a great SS/fixe, but I don't think I'm a good candidate for that persuasion. I am not the greatest climber and live in a fairly hilly area, so a single speed would probably destroy my knees or kill me.
ill tell you what ...Spirito
Oct 31, 2002 12:03 AM
cool the seller kept on his price. he was at the end of the day at T-town and the lowball price vultures were at him and thats when i mentioned for him to hold onto it or ebay it. i think its a fair buy. the frame is straight and decals are tops - the paint looks just right in terms of patina as well. it has been ridden but has also been looked after.

dare i say within 6 months ill be in OZ (getting homesick and badly need to be a surf bum for a little while) or perhaps london or paris for work 'n' stuff so i'll probably miss next years classic rendezvous meet.

the gesture is appreciated but you dont owe me anything as im glad to have kept an eye out for you (as you would have for me or others here would have as well). if you buy Dale Brown of cycles d'oro and classic rendezvous a beer then i would be more than happy. his site and email list has been a real gem and of infinite help and cool factor. i consider him to be the patron saint of retro-grouch and classic bicycle culture and even though my direct interaction with him has been small i have played in his "field of dreams" and learnt a lot. met many fine peep's as well.

with regard to the bianchi and how to build it - perhaps use a sturmer archer 3 speed hub on the rear. saw one on a regular race frame here in NYC. the owner had its trigger or gear changer attached on the seat stay close to the seat lug. the shift wire ran along the inside of the stay and as it was a black frame the black zip ties were hard to spot as well. for all intents and purposes it looked like a fixie/single yet he had the option of changing gears on the fly. maybe a hub brake (back pedal brake) version would be super low visible as it wouldnt have brakes and would look super neat as well. these are only pipe dreams but it can simply be done. S/Archer hubs aint light but hub weight never killed anyone. mounting fenders is so easy without rim brakes :-). super cool if you ask me as it has the purity of a track bike yet has 3 gears with not much hassle and parts.

sturmey archertarwheel
Oct 31, 2002 5:13 AM
Actually, the 3-speed hub is a pretty good idea. I think Sachs makes some hubs like that as well, like the one they use on the Bianchi Milano. My old Bianchi has a lot of sentimental value (bought it soon after I got married) and the Celeste paint is still in very good condition with lots of "patina" as you say. It would make a great SS or 3-speed because it has horizontal drops. It also would make a good commuter because it has eyelets for fenders and/or racks. From auctions I've seen on eBay, I doubt if it would fetch more than $100, and for that much money it's hardly worth selling.
Spirito's onto somethingWalter
Nov 1, 2002 8:20 PM
The internal hub in a fairly tight wheelbase frame with drop bars is a clean look as the Raleigh in the post up above abundantly proves. Sheldon B. put together such a bike from a PX10 and a Shimano Nexus 7spd and it looks good. It's on his website. Such a bike is on my project wish list.

Speaking of that I just took delivery of a "Libertas" nos frameset from Jack's CloseOuts. $15 for frame + $15 for S&H and I'm tickled pink. The old LeTour with the weird sized Schwinn fork tube is about to give up its fixed group as the Libertas is raring to go. I'll post more later.
wow ... post a pic of the frame if you canSpirito
Nov 2, 2002 10:21 AM
we all neeed a NOS $30 frame dont we?

i might check it out.

Low Tech difficultiesWalter
Nov 3, 2002 3:16 PM
Posting is a hassle as I still use film and then have to scan and in the case of RBR upload to a website. I'm building my site, slowly to be sure, and it'll include the Libertas with a rather classy white Regal saddle, I maght add. :-) is the link but they have no pics. Good frame. CroMoly of unknown origin but feels light and has a nice "ping" when tapped with a fingernail. As we all know that is
test of tubing quality.

In any case a big step up from my early LeTour. Probably won't happen until after the holidays as I'm building a bmx for my daughter and a SS for a bro in law as well.
Nov 4, 2002 6:57 AM
The only Libertas remaining at Jack's only cost $15/ frameset and they are cheap gas pipe tubing. What do the framesets look like though?? That is the real question. For instance, I met a great deal of people searching for a cheap bike with some braze ons and lugged and good looking paint to build as single speeds when I was at the T-town Swap. If these look good and have some braze ons, they could be ideal! A beater you don't care about beating!
Nov 4, 2002 12:42 PM
If by "gaspipe" you mean something like the "Hi-Tensile" tubes found on a low-end Peugeot or any # of other low-end Boom specials I have to disagree. While my "ping" remark was tongue in cheek it's a reasonable frame. I'm sure it's straight-guage but it's a reasonably light cromoly. I'd guess, using appropriate vintage SunTour you could come up with a 24# retro 10 speed w/o alot of fuss. That was a solid bike for it's time. Obviously for $30 shipped you don't get the world but I'm quite pleased.

Anyways, to your questions. Mine is "charcoal gray" though I'd describe it as a lighter gray. Panel style decals are off-yellow and overall it's pleasing to the eye, IMO. Gipiemme dropots with an integral derailleur hanger and threaded for adjusters. Brazeons along top of toptube for r. brake. Cable guides on top of BB for der. cables. 1 set of water bottle cage brazeons and cable guides along right chainstay. With the exception of the waterbottle these are all irrelevant to me as mine will be a fixie but this would make a geared roadie comparable to a Motobecane Jubilee or a Raleigh SuperCourse though w/o the panahe of either marque.
Nov 5, 2002 4:02 AM
Now that is interesting, it sounds like it would be quite nice for a fixie. I know plenty of individuals who were looking for them, cheap! Seems like this might be the source.
Yvonne told me they were high tensile steel. They definitely confirmed it was not light cromoly but hi tensile. BUT why would you use GPM dropouts or an integral dropouts on high tensile. Maybe she's wrong which it sounds like she is...Plus it has the same braze ons and other features the aquilla and FD have! sounds good. sounds like some cheap cro-moly indeed. I am glad I spoke to someone and got the scoop. If you have photos, send them to me at the below email. Thanks for the feedback!!
Or post them here. Thanks a great deal for the scoop.

Wspokes or AKA...Walt
cool ....Spirito
Oct 30, 2002 11:03 AM
im glad you went for it as even though i cant remember his name he seemed a pretty genuine guy and the frameset was a neat looker.

having seen what some used merckx frames were selling for an ebay i thought what he was asking was very fair.


green with envy (nm) ---->JS Haiku Shop
Nov 5, 2002 6:44 AM