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Fall Halloween Tour(7 posts)

Fall Halloween Tourwspokes
Oct 28, 2002 7:14 AM
Sunday, fellow RBR member "The lone Gunman" and I set out on the 2002 Halloween Fall Extravaganza Tour...or so it became named midway through the ride. Truly Classic! The ride took place in the gunman's old stomping grounds where he spent time riding at his folk's camp as a kid and near my present stomping grounds. It covered some roads I have ridden many a times and others I haven't ridden. We started at Clear Creek State Park in the Valley and climbed our way up some grinders (15%++ climbs) and screamed down some other hills at some very cool, COLD fast speeds. The temperature, probably 40-45 for most of the ride. little sun to warm ya up. But plenty of wool to keep me warm! Great ride! some great picture taking oppurtunities and very little traffic at all. Maybe next time we come up with this idea. We will set a meeting place and post this to the list for others to come along for the ride. This ride is not for the faint of heart as we rode Rt 949 from Clear Creek to Ridgway, Pa where we stopped at Subway for a meal before heading back. HILLY! These are not your short steep but your extending long grinds and There is a killer crusher hill at about 55 miles into the ride which could bring a good rider to crawling speeds and questioning sanity but when your is all well worth it. There are restroom and shower facilities at the park!! Next time we decide to do this, we will post to the list. Who knows? maybe some other maniac here will want to do the Fall Extravaganza!
cool guys .....Spirito
Oct 28, 2002 11:00 AM
on classics i assume ?

long hills had me walking on a ride yesterday - 42 x 22 was as helpfull as yahoo maps. next time i ask someone who tells me "a few hills" ill slip on the 14-30 just in case.

knees are fine - ego is bruised. of course some mo-fo on a fixie had to pass me whilst i was waddling up a hill in my cleats. maybe the wool jersey was weighing me down?

keep the woolwspokes
Oct 28, 2002 6:42 PM
I was trying to jam up these hills yesterday with my 39x23t. I feel your pain. I was churning the pedals and just blocked the pain and kept going but I know I was wishing I was The Lone Gunman, He had a triple!! Smart move!

I was riding my Steel lugged Bianchi, campy component mix. Ciussi cages, sweet riding machine!! I brought along the 1929 Chuckie Gibb to show him as well as my Bianchi beater lugged bike in case the roads were wet and slimy. I am glad I didn't ride it. Even though it is comfortable and decked out with fenders and such. It weighs a ton and I am sure at mile 50 on that hill. I would have been doing the duck cleat walk uphill but I managed to hold steady on the Alloro.

TLG had his steel steed, lemond. Newly and Nicely painted in yellow/red! Sweet! I got to see his chromie fixie (HIS BIKE YOU PERVERTS) prior to riding as well. That will be a winter project for me. A fixed gear steed. classic of course!

Great to hear others are getting out for some late season jams!

speaking of fixed gear ....Spirito
Oct 28, 2002 11:58 PM
saw a few Wiliams inch pitch rings on ebay and of course i thought to mention them to you. certainly period for the Chuck Gibb - but of course trickier to finish off (block chains are neither cheap or plentiful).

and this auction has a bunch of cranks - some of which are Williams ....

it may be out of your plans but as you are now the keeper of the Williams flame maybe you can keep track of all their funky patterns and certain style. shame the pics aren't super clear but i wouldnt be surprised if the sellers (especially the latter) and CR listies.

im still trying to make my way to the LBS to see what "ye olde hubs" may be lying around - hopefully i'll have time to check this week.

.... the wool is staying. hopefully ill wear it as much for its intended purpose in the comming months as i do just posing around town. comming from that land down under i am of course super proud to be wearing 100% merino wool :-)

Williams and other parts found, Suntour anyone?wspokes
Oct 29, 2002 6:49 AM
I appreciate you keeping an eye out! Also for checking for "ye olde hubs"! I acquired a very nice set of campy h/f hubs recently...Oh so pretty. Not related to the Gibb project but I will find a use somewhere! I will revisit these auctions and keep a close tab on them. the one looks promising! And the other, with all those cranks, I would end up trying to find projects for each one! haha.

Wear the wool proudly! I have been wearing mine consistently since the cold weather crept in. No Cycling tonight though, time to cut some wood. Snow will be flying soon here in the northeast and I will be breaking out the XC skis!

On another note, TLG and I stopped into a small town shop and in the case were various suntour parts, downtube road shifters for $30 and plastic thumbshifters for $30 and some other items. if anyone is interested. Let me know!
OH yea, as steep at times as I have encountered on a roadLone Gunman
Oct 29, 2002 5:28 PM
At one point 3mph in a 30x25, all I could do to keep the front wheel on the ground and at mile 55 I was spent. Had to stop and regroup twice. At one point I could not get restarted, I could not get the crank turned over to clip in and kept falling over to the right against the guard rail like I was drunk.

After the ride though, nothing like a HOT shower when you have been out sweating in the cold all day. The park has the potential of being a mini weekend training camp; Rent log cabins, a rustic restaurant with good food about 2 miles from the park, decent roads with little traffic, wildlife in the woods (edge of the Allegheny National Forest) a mountain spring 3/4 of the way to the turn around point with great cold water, campfire outside at night, fireplaces inside cabins at night...very cool place.

No, this was not a retro weekend, sorry. I had all the tech gear out for this one, this ride would be as tough for me with a cold as I would have all season and my legs were tired and a little sore on monday. But it was a ride i have been threatening to do for about a year and now I want to share the experience with others.
The Lone GunMan also WIPED OUTwspokes
Oct 30, 2002 4:13 AM
Forgot to mention the smooth transition TLG made from pave road to on his back with bike straight up in air in the gravel, still clicked in, trying to protect the new paint job on the Lemond! I just wish I had his throwaway camera at the time. I turned around just in time to watch the carnage and I wasn't much help when lauging! I was just waiting for him to look up and say, "let's go get a Mike's Hard Lemonade!"