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Preparing for my 1st race (Century)-Race Week!(3 posts)

Preparing for my 1st race (Century)-Race Week!M T
Oct 21, 2002 7:30 AM
I have been riding since March. This weekend I'll ride in my first race- a century! What should I eat and How should
my training schedule Look this week. I don't want to burn out before the race, But I feel the need to train really hard this week. Need advice or a schedule.
Also I've had days lately of low to no energy. I have been watching what I eat. But I'm eating with the mind set of "I'm on a diet", not "I'm training for a race." Obviously I've droppped quite a bit of weight this summer. I need a race week meal plan. M T
re: Preparing for my 1st race (Century)-Race Week!Mariowannabe
Oct 21, 2002 9:26 AM
I hope you've got some 60 and 70 mile rides in! Its really too late to train. But, assuming you've got plenty of miles in, hit a long ride Tues - 50+. Then ride really easy (spin) Wed, your "normal" (30ish mile) ride on Thursday, but not too hard. Rest Friday. Eat well, lots of carbs, vitamins, and sleep! Easy on the coffee, dairy and alcohol. Your fist race and its a century - I'm proud of you!
take it eeeeeasy....Steve_0
Oct 23, 2002 10:42 AM
Training hard this week will buy you absolutetly nothing for the weekend, except perhaps exhaustion.

Most long distance athlestes realize, and many expereinced first hand, that decreased performance comes with hard training in the week or 2 preceding an event. Just have faith in the fact that the last 8 months of training is what will get you comfortably through the event; not the last-minute cramming.

Take a coupla short, easy spins this week and enjoy yourself.

As far as eating, you want to carbo-load; eat a lot of protein early this week, with as LITTLE carbs as possible. Come Thursday night and friday, nothing but carbs. Pasta, rice, fruit.

Dont worry about your weight as you shovel linguini down your throat for breakfast on friday; you'll lose plenty on saturday.