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Spirito, Help!(3 posts)

Spirito, Help!wspokes
Oct 15, 2002 2:47 PM
I am drawing a blank, did we speak about various wheelsets for my 1929 project at T-town. I couldn't remember if you and me talked about it or another gentleman. Someone had mentioned they knew of a set somewhere. Either way, you know of any 26in period correct wheelsets around, wooden rims maybe?


BTW, my actual nickname was Spokes but when I moved from my parents home to my house, I left them keep the computer account and thus lost the Spokes...therefore adopting wspokes...just a little history for those who don't really care.
Oct 15, 2002 3:35 PM
dont think we spoke about wheels but i was wondering what you were going to use.

ill have a look at some basements of a few LBS's later this week as i remember there being some old wheels with resilion fix/free or airlite hubs. if they are there they will be cheap.

other than that i remember a few wood rims and wheels popping up on ebay but they were all 700c sprint rims.

it might be worth trying St. John Street cycles as they have a few rims in that size. Martin Copeland from the CR list should have something suitable lying around and prics fair ly.

maybe even try Nigel Scott (i usually call him around 2pm our time usually catches him at home) as he isnt super web savvy. he sometimes has some cool stuff although no pics and he is very trustworthy.

the only hubs i have are a little later than the frameset and perhaps closer to the time period of the williams cranks and such.

ill keep my eyes open.

hmmmmm, Okwspokes
Oct 15, 2002 6:38 PM
Hmmmm, thanks for the reply..who the hell did I discuss wheels with?!? Oh well, The bike uses 26 inch or more accurately some 650a or b or something. I am hoping to set it up with a flip flop fixie. wood rims or the steel rims of that period. Hilary Stone was searching, Martin is the gentleman whom I got the frame from...he has some good deals! Great trustworthy guy to deal with as well. thanks for checking, til later....