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Trexlertown was productive ...(11 posts)

Trexlertown was productive ...Humma Hah
Oct 13, 2002 6:14 PM
... At great risk to life and limb, I gassed up the truck on Friday night (slouching down and otherwise trying to be a poor target at well-lit) the Manassas, VA gas station), to be ready to roll out of town at 4 AM. I got to T'town a little before 8:30, bought a ticket, got in line, and at 9 AM they opened the gates. No long wait -- the hoarde was all in the velodrome in about 2 minutes.

Pretty early on I found several flip-flop wheels. I passed on the one with the glue-on rims with the fixed/single hub, and found a SunTour that was fixed/fixed with a clincher 700c rim, perfectly true, $50, including a good matching front wheel with a Mavic rim. Both are 36-spoke high-flange, so they look comparable to the Campy front wheel I'd already picked up, and both have track nuts.

I also picked up a Spinnergy front wheel for a project at work ($50). You gotta remember -- Aurora got its start with Project Dadaelus, and we do graphite composite fabrication, so it was no big surprise when the boss suggested I buy a carbon front wheel to use as the starting point for a pendulum fixture we're building. I like Spinnergy wheels -- several of the most fun moments I've had in cycling have come as I passed someone riding a pair of those, grinding up a long hill on the cruiser.

I was not so lucky finding the Campy running gear I wanted (I had my heart set on Pista cranks), but I found an assortment of low-priced hardware with which I can get the Paramount rolling until the Campy stuff shows up. I picked up a set of cranks from wspokes for $8 (he had spot #75), and he sold me a backpack to haul them in for $1. He also had a crank for the cruiser, chro-mo, for $2.

While chatting with Wspokes, Spirito showed up, so we had a little RBR-Retro gathering going. Great to meet you guys!

Other stops provided a seat post, seat with a Schwinn logo stitched in, brakes, pedals, and a ratty old set of bars with stem and brake levers. Even picked up some bar tape. I lack only a pinch bolt, a set of brake cables, and a chain, and the 'Mount will be ridable. Most of the low-grade parts were under $5, so I'll not feel bad about scrapping them when I turn up the good stuff. In the meantime, I can work out the fit issues on the bike, and make a better choice of which parts to buy.
Sounds good... I got lucky this weekend too...rwbadley
Oct 13, 2002 8:13 PM
One of the local bike shops is, sadly, going out of business.

I was able to get a new tire and tube for the 26x 1 3/8 Raleigh. Nabbed 2 sets of Aztek brake pads (canti) and a couple other small things.

The real score was an NOS 170mm Shimano 600 crankset with new rings, and a set of 600 grey calipers... for ten bucks! I offered more, but he wouldn't take it. I'll have to figure a way to make it even...

Let us know when you get the Paramount going!
how bout that mud? .....Spirito
Oct 13, 2002 11:55 PM
my seude Detto's are now looking the part of a real well seasoned tourer.

not a bad little day for a lot of people i talked to and it was cool in that a lot of sellers and buyers turned up.

even better was chicks buying super cool old gear and knowing exactly what they wanted. the messenger crews from Philly and NYC were super organised and creamed the good buys within the first 20 minutes - real savvy.

id like to point out, to mr. hickey actually ;-), that my personal expenditure totalled exactly $15. FB (campy) h/flange 3 piece hub freshly laced and tied to a new rim, NOS shimano 600 drilled levers with hoods, cinelli 66-42 bars in mint condition and a silca frame pump with a campy steel head.

i wish i would have had more time to chat with fellow rbr.commers from here but my venture was mostly looking for parts and odd items for my mates. i covered all their needs and felt like santa when i got back to NYC that day.

im glad Wspokes sold his Raseza as had i found his spot earlier i would have been a customer for no other reason than it looked a super frameset and i would have easily found a home for.

Tarwheel - if i had the balls i would have bought a merckx for you on your behalf. NOS 58cm with the exact same paint scheme as mine but made of reynolds 653 and with a painted flat crowned fork. spotted it with its new owner later and he was happy to say he walked with it for $350 (it wont be on ebay). just near the end i did spot a guy with a molteni merckx (corsa ) SLX - 57cm. he had it from new. it was in nice condition with normal paint chips that was fair and looked better for them in my view. decals were perfect and the paint original and correct. he wanted $300 and would throw in a new campy headset. it was late in the day and i told him if he didn't find a buyer i knew someone that may be interested (yes ... mr. tarwheel). i forgot his name but he lives in MD and struck me as being a straight up guy. his email adress is .... he said he could send pics if he was contacted soon (before he lists it on ebay). maybe he still has it ????

highlights for the day :-

meeting the crew from this little forum

how knowledgable and articulate a lot of the younger cats were with parts and bikes a lot older than themselves. very cool !!

a lady mentioning to Bobby Julich (unbeknownst to her) how he seemed to like a lot of pink clothing. a few chuckles from the gaggle within earshot before Bobby announced that he used to ride with a bunch of guys who also rode in pink gear and none of them seemd to mind.

menonite kids trying out their new fixies around the track and in the carpark.

Marty Northsteen eating a cheeseburger with fires and a large coke.

a super Mario Confente that went for so low that i cant even mention the price.

$150 colnago's

seeing all sorts of cyclists from all backgrounds just getting lost in their passions and enjoying yapping about bikes and bits.

the smiles of the new owners taking their stuff back to their cars.

asking a tasty redhead holding a Ciocc frame whether she needed a fork :-)

showing a young guy who mised out on the early bargains a NOS set of C-record track hubs that was covered in a box of parts. he didnt have the $200 that the vendor was very fairly asking for them but seeing how much he wished for them he accepted the $170 and loose change that he had and then threw in a couple of Campy track cogs and as well.

hearing a young girl advise her friend that the cinelli stem she was looking at was was a little steep in price as it had the more modern logo and was not as rare.

the excitement and rush as the gates opened.

how bout that mud? .....Dave Hickey
Oct 14, 2002 5:48 AM
I'm VERY impressed with the restraint you showed. I wish I could have been there. I'm not sure I could have gotten away with only spending $15. I'm trying to go to Veloswap in Denver at the end of the month. If I do, we'll see if this cycleaholic can only spend $15:-)
LOL ... im sure the mrs. would approve ....Spirito
Oct 14, 2002 8:27 AM
but then again she might get suspicious and think that some far worse obsession is afoot.

besides going to swaps and boasting about how little you spent would make these pages very boring after a while. however the $15 i did spend was almost a case of seeing a beautiful woman without company winking at me in public - a case of looking around twice to make sure its directed at me and if nobody else is interested i might as well say hello. its a sin to pass on that isnt it?

Were you holding high flange campy hubs at the time?Dave Hickey
Oct 14, 2002 9:42 AM
I'm just making sure she has pure motives:-) Regarding Mrs. H, she came home yesterday with a brand new digital camera. I've been complaining about the quality of our old camera. Unfortnately, her only comment was "now you can take good pictures of all those bike parts and sell them on Ebay". I should be careful what I wish for....................
women are always a step ahead of us .... LOL NmSpirito
Oct 14, 2002 10:04 AM
tasty lil redheadwspokes
Oct 14, 2002 7:03 AM
HoooHawww. I think I saw that tasty lil redhead you speak of...I have a thing for redhaired angels! any angels on this RBR list??

Great day! I made not a single purchase which was unbelievable in itself. Just sold off my excess to make room for more excess. I was so pleased at getting to sell some of my framesets, all went to respectable homes as well. Only one stupid comment about the Aquilla, "look at these botttom lugs are open, that's terrible for road grime to get up in their...I'll give you $30." Sorry, it doesn't eat anything and I don't pay rent on it so it can stay around til someone has the $125 for the Columbus SL lugged frameset...The Razesa was fine indeed. It is now being built up as a fixie as is the Aquilla. The FD is being built up retro! Everyone was pleased with their decisions and I tried to keep my prices really fair! If anyone is interested in seeing my other Razesa...1980 Zeus equipped. here's some pics.

Awesome day! My booth was on the trackside so anyone wondering by was out of the mud and didn't mind hanging around to look and buy.

I felt like I was at a retro swap with some of the folks that stopped by to chat! RBR crew, CR folks, and retro gals! I couldn't believe the attention the cro-moly framesets got from some of the SWTs. God was looking down upon us on Saturday. I actually had one gal who couldv'e easily fit on a 58cm frameset! impressive and wonderful!
It was very cool meeting Spirito, Hummah HaHa...aren't you a little crazy for getting gas in the a.m. in that area! The only worst thing would be to actually use that spinergy you aquired for bicycle riding!

Very cool gathering, can't wait til the spring! Rumor is their will be a spring swap! Also, State College has a spring bike swap as well. It is not as big but still a gathering! See you there....

'preciate you looking out for mebianchi boy
Oct 14, 2002 6:01 PM
I'll send an email about the 57 Merckx. My ideal size is 56 but a 57 might work if it's century geometry. Unfortunately, I think the SLX Corsas might be the Merckx criterium geometry with steeper angles. If so, it wouldn't fit.

My latest pipedream is to order a custom built frame in my size with Merckx geometry, and then have it painted Molteni orange. The Landshark website has got some photos of frames they've made like that and they are really cool.
forgot to mention ....Spirito
Oct 14, 2002 11:15 AM
the beautiful Frejus kiddie track bike. perfect and with 165 cranks and 24" wheels.

not sure how much it went for but it was cool to see. i had my camera but was too frenetic to think about taking pics for the guys here who weren't there.

Good some good partsGinz
Oct 14, 2002 12:48 PM
I found me an old but smooth Phil Wood BB for my Bridgestone XO. Also, picked up a Vernier Caliper from a frame builder that was selling all of his tools. It was kinda sad to see that, but oh well.