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Call me "lucky bum"!(6 posts)

Call me "lucky bum"!Qubeley
Oct 10, 2002 10:13 AM
Some times you hit, some times you miss, and this time I have hit it big time.
Did anybody know a guy selling a load of vintage wool cycling jerseys over Ebay a few weeks back? I got my share. Receive the jerseys today. Simply beautiful: classic graphics, nice thick warm wool, no holes, no pulls. I am not going to tell you how much I paid for it, so you don't have to kick yourself hard.
Now I just need my white hairnet to show up. Then I can be a happy Freddy. erhahaha...
wool is cool as a rule!wspokes
Oct 14, 2002 7:07 AM
Nice hit! I ordered one from Longscycle last year and had it screen printed with our Bike Shop name, the result was awesome! It really looks cool. I got another off of longscycle that matched my Razesa bicycle color, well sort of...
It is the red one at the base of the page. My dad once said, "remember, if you don't feel strong in a race, at least make sure you look good!"

I am such a Fred..Qubeley
Oct 15, 2002 2:34 PM
Finally got my white hairnet. The "poseur" gear is complete.
Now, the horror..note the extra short bib as well.
rumor has it...wspokes
Oct 15, 2002 2:43 PM
Once you go Fred lifestyle, you never go back!

I used to race and now, I couldn't care less about that lifestyle other than watching others live miserably year to year eating cornflakes and spaghetti. Went out yesterday, threw on the long sleeve Bianchi Wool jersey and headed into the sunset. pounded out a quick 40km and got home in time to lay motionless in the warm house on the floor surrounded by 2 dogs and 3 cats! life is good! I will have to get a digital and post some classic item photos myself!
The rumor is true. Wanna see me in full Bonjour kit? :-) nmQubeley
Oct 15, 2002 6:47 PM
The rumor is true. Wanna see me in full Bonjour kit? :-) nmwspokes
Oct 16, 2002 2:54 AM
Full Team outfits...Let me tell you a amusing tell. In the mid 90s. I showed up to the Tour de Strongland near Pittsburg, a 50 miler or so of some great hills and very challenging. I was in some of the best shape when competing and as I sat on the starters block. I look around and scope the competition. There was this one guy with the biker tan DARK, legs that looked like he lived on a bicycle! Full Team Lotto outfit and a bike decked out with Lotto decals and color scheme. Full Campy Record grouppo. He had the helmet and the whole works. so I thought, watching him zip up and down the road warming up...hmmm, he may be one to watch. Well, less than 2 miles into the race, there was a breakaway of 12 or so guys (but no lotto guy), I went with them and held back til the first climb, where i bolted out of the saddle and between me and two other 5'4" skinny guys, we stretched the gap and brought the group down to 5. Still no lotto guy around. We stayed out the entire way and eventually finished in a sprint together regardless of how hard we pressed the hills, we stuck together. in the end, I finished 2nd after almost bailing in the final corner. The guy in the full Lotto garb...30 minutes behind us cruising in by himself...He turned out to be some Ken Doll Doctor from the area. He had the best of everything and rode but wasn't close to being competetive...that's when my dad said, well, if you can't ride well, look good!