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1929 Racer update(5 posts)

1929 Racer updatewspokes
Oct 7, 2002 6:31 PM
Quick update...
Arrived today the 7th, A lovely Williams crankset, the AB-77 as pictured here at the bottom of the pics.
Awesome design, unbelievably lightweight! Hollow Splined axle. The crankset I got is complete with 52t ring, chainring bolts, hollow splined axle, and cool looking dustcaps! Interestingly enough. I wanted an old one for the project and although they all look very similar. This page describes the dating method used for these cranksets.
My crankset has three markings. It has the E and W which stood for Eddy Williams with a swordlike symbol in between these two letters and the letter is a B which denote a date of 1914. Not sure on this lads...but this would make it quite old. I will try and get a pic scanned tomorrow to post. then we can get some guys in here to do some C-14 dating...

The frameset itself should arrive from the UK this week sometime!
cool ....Spirito
Oct 8, 2002 2:52 AM
the bike is sounding decidely interesting already.

slightly confused though about the ab-77.

had a set that i sold off (in parts) a few months ago and from a few opinions i dated it as one of their latter cranksets produced. hilary stone (u.k.) mentioned in an email that it came out in 1961 or '62 (as the patent stamped on the bb axle suggests) and it definately followed Gnutti from the late 50's in that it was one of the first with a splined BB axle.

the particulars you pointed out were exactly as mine but the "b" inside the shield (sword) between the E and W i was told stood for "sunny" Birmingham where the company was from. my chainring series code "ZD" was also consistent in the dating as per the CR chart.

of course i am no expert and may be wrong on the date of the ab-77 series.

looking around my drive for more pics and info but all my images are messed around. from memory i think the bcd was either a campy 151 or 144mm (probably the former) so is not impossible to find rings to suit of different size.

the wiliams stuff is truly neat - beautifully made too.

Oct 8, 2002 3:53 AM
You are correct Oh wise one! I thank you for your input, I just I was going by the code on the crankset itself as I described. BUT, the splined axle reads ZF denoting a date of 65 according to the website link with a /62 on the axle as well. Very GOOD. It is good to work out these details. I will also add that the Chainring is not the original Williams. It appears to be a 52t "made in France". possibly Stronglight? but the good news is still, the design has not changed much over the years, it remains a single solitary ring. It fits and therefore I don't need to search for another ring! It is very classic in style! I still remain very pleased and once again, quite happy with the info I gain from this site!

No carbon-14 dating needed. Inspecter Kamen was on the job!

Oct 8, 2002 7:20 AM
I was all ready to do the dating, too!

wooglin, Ph.D., Archaeology

(Lovely sounding crank and project, btw)
Oct 8, 2002 4:31 PM
no probs walt. cred goes to other CR listers and Hilary in particular as i knew nothing about Williams yet he was super happy to fill me in on the details and histroy - even though he knew i was selling it off.

forgot to mention that the same 151 bcd pattern as campy is for the inner ring should you wish to attach one later down the track. but sounds like your path racer bound and that will be very elegant and of course classic.

you bought well.