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A retro shop(3 posts)

A retro shopWalter
Oct 5, 2002 3:29 PM
I walk into a newly (re)opened LBS looking for parts for a BMX style bike I'm building for my 6 year old. Looking around and I feel as if I'm back in 1986 or so. A rack full of roadies ranging from Nishiki Olympics with the plain jane "SIS" d/t set-ups to similar vintage Cioccs with DuraAce and tubs. All new except for 15 years or so of dust. Also a considerably older lookingused Merckx in silver. In the case Chorus pedals with toeclips and a Regina America freewheel as well as a slew of other Campy and Shimano stuff. Against the wall boxes of shoes including, swear to God, Detto Pietros.

Where I live is not a roadbike market and the prices are still high enough to where commuters probably aren't looking yet, though an Olympic for $325 compares well to anything else in that price range to be sure. I mentioned there's a pretty reasonable market for this stuff online and the guy says he "doesn't do computers." Actually said he probably ought to throw awy the Dettos.

My guess is they'll be there for awhile. I'm going back to get some 20" wheels and I'll kick around some more.
re: A retro shopdesmo
Oct 6, 2002 8:20 AM
Sounds like a lot shops pre ebay vultures. I heard about one where I live that supposedly had a basement full of 70's/80's Italian steel just a couple of years ago. Anyway, cool find. I'd go wait out in the dumpster for the Dettos. You might want to grap one of those Olympics. I just picked one up at the Goodwill and made a SS out of it. Really nice riding frame.
re: A retro shopTrent in WA
Oct 19, 2002 12:40 AM
Which shop? Where?