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older look carbon fiber fram(5 posts)

older look carbon fiber framjradford
Sep 16, 2002 10:32 AM
I have the opportunity to purchase a look carbon fibre frame from the days of Greg lemond. I do not know the exact year but it is a team replica I believe KG 98 or something like that. The frame has no scratches and has barely been ridden. Would this be a good investment or should the frame be left on the shelf?
Your talk'n my language.....Dave Hickey
Sep 16, 2002 11:32 AM
I have a bunch of LOOK frames. You're looking at a KG96 or KG86. The 96 was the actual team replica. The 86 was the B.Hinault special addition. As long as it's not too much money, they are great frames. They aren't the stiffest frames, but I find them every comfortable. If you do buy it, here a some suggestions

1. Look at the joints closely. In the late 80's, the CF/AL joints occationally pulled apart. They can be reglued. I've owned many and NEVER experienced this problem.
2. Replace the fork- The 98 and 86 came with a TVT carbon fork. Not only was the fork not stiff, they broke quite often.

As long as you're not paying collectors prices, I'd say yes go for it. FYI, if it's the frameset on EBay, it's way overpriced. You should be able to get a KG96 or KG86 frameset for $250-$500.
Here is my KG86 framesetDave Hickey
Sep 16, 2002 11:40 AM
I just converted it to a single speed last weekend and it's great. I'll post the complete bike soon.
Your talk'n my language.....jradford
Sep 16, 2002 1:54 PM
Know it is not the one on ebay. My local bike shop has one. The person who owned it before has had it siting in his garage for years and has now sold his house and has no place to store it anymore. The frame is 59cm. I have heard that carbon fibre from that time line was only good for about two years. is this true or was this if you were greg lemond.
Your talk'n my language.....Dave Hickey
Sep 17, 2002 3:59 AM
My KG86 is 14 years old and it's still going strong. Absolutely no problems with the carbon.