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old colnago value(4 posts)

old colnago valuecw05
Aug 29, 2002 4:27 PM
Hi, I'm trying to figure out what the value of this older colnago I am thinking about buying. Before the hits start coming on me "spaming" up the board, I am just trying to figure out how much this thing is worth, not trying to advertise its sale. According to the owner, who manages a bike shop where I am from, the frame is either a '78 or a '79. The paint is immaculate (supposedly ridden very little and waxed often), my regular year old road bike's paint doesn't look as good. Colnago is on the down and seattubes but no model name is on the frame. There are Colnago club cutouts in the bb shell, on the head tube lug and on the fork crown painted in white to the contrasting burgandy frame color (the ones on the fork crown have the club with a C around them). Also, Colnago is stamped into the dropouts and into the chainstays behind the bb. The gruppo on it is Campy, although I'm not sure of the specific group. The seatpost, cranks, hubs, rear and front derailleurs are all polished with the campy sheild but no model is listed like on the older nuevo record stuff (also, I do know that it isn't super record stuff). The wheels are Ambrosio sewups with original Vittoria tires. The shifters are on the downtube of course and are polished with Campagnolo written in script on them (there is a curious circle machined out of the back side of them but not through them if that helps..). The brakes appear to have a duller finish than the rest of the gruppo with Campagnolo again in script on them. The stem is 3TTT with Ernesto Colnago in script on the side and the club on the front. The pedals are Omegas with Ernesto Colnago in script on the pedal body with the Colnago club and surrounding C (like the fork) on the clips. The straps say "Record" in block letters. The brake levers are aero Campys (supposedly off some Coors Classic racing bike) and he gave me the non-aero Campy levers, an extra wheelset in Raleigh wheelcovers, a extra Brooks saddle, and an extra pair of Campy pedals with campy clips and straps.

For those that read this posting, thanks for your time and opinion.
re: old colnago valuecw05
Aug 30, 2002 1:58 PM
Thanks to those that responded to my original post. After looking around at some pictures on the web, I think the gruppo is Campy Victory (the front derailleur is braze-on which was not available with the Triomphe gruppo). My last question is, does this thing sound like it is worth $300? That is what the seller is asking. I kind of want to buy it just to look at and ride occasionally, but would like it to have some resale value should I want to sell it somewhere down the road. Thanks.
Yes, it's worth it....Dave Hickey
Aug 30, 2002 2:03 PM
You could part out the bike and get a lot more than $300. It's worth it. Buy it and ride it for a couple of years and you'll be able to sell it for more than you paid.
I concurWalter
Aug 30, 2002 5:24 PM
Good deal for $300. Colnagos sell as they're a very recognizable name so you'll more than recoup your money come resell time w/o having to part out.

Even though I'm a Colnago owner I realize they are at times over-hyped. However the fact is that a steel framed 'nago is inevitably a fine rider so you may not feel like reselling anytime soon.