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Spirito, for your dream bike(3 posts)

Spirito, for your dream bikeAhimsa
Aug 20, 2002 6:58 PM
Time to get rid of those clipless pedals and put these babies on: White Campy toe straps

Mmmmmmmmmm. They'd sure look good with some classic pedals. Just say no to clipping in.


a gift .... pour moi - how sweet !!!Spirito
Aug 21, 2002 12:32 AM
but you dont have my address :-)

thanks ahimsa - but i think i set a record about a year ago on a set of white alfredo binda toe straps to replace my white campy toe straps like you show in the pic. in fact i cant even type the amount i paid for them such is my shame but i promised myself never again to get caught up in buying parts that have collector status.

im not a collector. i paid for the cost of the whole bike alone just by selling an used saddle , a used set of hubs , and an old headset. the saddle needed repairing, the hubs have no parts availability and the headset was incomplete but in a way i can say that my new bike cost me a total of $35. god bless rarity, collectors, the internet and ebay.

i will eventually get a set of regular pedals with clips and straps for touring and riding around town in regular shoes but it will be strictly utilatarian, simple and modest in price as i envision only using them perhaps 20% of the time (ie MKS pedals, christophe clips and straps). i truly love campag record steel cage pedals as well as c-record platform pedals but they are items that i have a habit of trashing and neglecting so i sold them all before i had a chance to do so.

far be it from me to want to get fancy with my parts list as i have profited greatly from the passion of other classically minded cyclists. my setup is simple and pretty current - i can still get races and cups for the hubs form the current catalogue, the chainrings are current 135bcd, and apart from those the rest of the parts are all available and will be for some time without becoming collectors items and hence pricey.

my bike is mechanically simple and of good quality, is pretty to look at, is versatile and durable and rides well. most garden variety bikes that would receive yawns, snide remarks and desultory comment on the general board would also cost more.

it did take a lot of time but that was part of the fun and also opened up other oppurtunities - lets just say i sold a LOT of vintage parts. paying rent with one's passions is a sweet and splendid thing but i just hope god is not a vintage cycling fan as he knows that i had willingly sold my soul.

Collector statusAhimsa
Aug 21, 2002 9:20 AM
I dunno 'bout that. Those strappies are $40 at the Rivendell site.

You need to get a pair and then dye them red, no?

A. ( I will tempt you eventually. This "no coveting of bikes or parts" schtick will end soon enough. The gods of commerce and cycling are aligning against you, heathen.)