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couple questions about upgrading to 8 or 9 speed.(2 posts)

couple questions about upgrading to 8 or 9 speed.rufus
Aug 20, 2002 7:30 AM
my only bike is a 1989 specialized sirrus, with 7 speed downtube shifters. i recently had it in the shop to fix a clunk in the drivetrain, which was finally solved by replacing my chain and five rear cogs with newer hyperglide ones.

this works, but shifting is a bit off, because of the mix of hyperglide and older uniglide cogs. i can't go to a full hyperglide set, because my freehub uses a threaded cog, not a lockring. however, while diagnosing the problem, my mechanic tried a 9 speed wheel, which fit right into my frame, although the spacing isn't 130mm. so i've got it into my head to possibly upgrade to 9 speed; all i'll need is a new freehub, cassette, chain, and shifters, and have my rear wheel re-dished for the wider freehub, probably $120-$150. would the extra dish cause problems(i'm a bit heavy, but it is a 36 spoke wheel), or should i go for a newer 9 speed hub, which would raise the cost a bit, as i'd need my whole wheel rebuilt, or is the result just the same either way?

i've emailed sheldon brown, and i can get a 7 speed hub cheap, put the freehub from that onto my current hub, and put on a 7 speed hyperglide cassette, maybe $60 total cost. alternatively, on his site, he says that you can put 8 cogs from a 9 speed cassette on a 7 speed hub, but you'll need the 9 speed chain and shifters.

if i'm not mistaken, don't 7 speed downtube shifters have a phantom 8th click that i can use to shift an 8 speed cassette? if so, then all i'd need is a 9 speed chain and cassette, maybe $30 dollars more for a $90 total cost.
re: couple questions about upgrading to 8 or 9 speed.wooglin
Aug 21, 2002 4:42 AM
I've never explored the wondrous (?) world of indexing on a roadie, but I can tell you for sure that 7-speed indexed Shimano thumbshifters for mtbs have an 8th click that works with 8 speed.