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anyone wear wool?(8 posts)

anyone wear wool?thbirks
Aug 19, 2002 7:51 PM
I gotta say I love wool. It seems like a great material for cycling clothes, especially merino wool. Alas, the only wool riding gear I have are my socks. Does anyone here wear wool jerseys or shorts? I've been checking out the selection at
Would like to try it but...Lone Gunman
Aug 20, 2002 4:06 AM
Have not found anyone selling wool kit that fits or is of a reasonable price. The kit on is the best I have ever seen but I am not spending $125 per jersey to look "vintage". So until those prices for a jersey like they offer come back to this world prices, it is synthetics for me. What is bad is that they could do the same thing with acrylic and sell them at a decent price and move alot of merchandise.
I have, it's wonderful...rwbadley
Aug 20, 2002 5:56 AM
The Marino wool is so soft. It really is comfortable in wide temperature range. I also ride in a Pendleton. They have a lighter wool line that is more 'shirtlike' than fuzzy. This also is a great choice. No stinky stank after a day of wear. These I can wear for weeks, just hang 'em up and good to go the next day.

I find some nice wool at the local Gotschalks. ( a mid-range clothing store) I have picked up nice Marino wool there for as little as 15. on closeout. A REAL deal. Even if you have to pay more, it's still worth it.

Great stuff, go for it!

No stink at all? My synth stuff is nasty even when washed (nm)Ginz
Aug 20, 2002 6:36 AM
I Know, mine too. I don't know why therwbadley
Aug 20, 2002 8:37 PM
wool doesn't hold the odor. It will smell, after a while. But nowhere like the synth stuff that seems to smell before you put it on.

Just bought a Rivendell jersey; can't make myself put it oncory
Aug 20, 2002 7:09 AM
Rivendell just introduced a line of wool jerseys called Woolywarm (see it at the riv website or I bought one of the gold jerseys. It's nice and soft, for wool (pure merino, Grant says) and decently made. The XXL is pretty snug on me at 6'4"/230, and it's on the verge of being too short for cycling--I like a jersey long enough that I don't have to keep tugging it down.
As for how it works,'s been 90-100 here, and I still have a little of that old childhood itchy-wool thing going on. I haven't been able to make myself try it. Maybe in September....
expense and itchinessthbirks
Aug 21, 2002 3:52 PM
those jerseys from vintage velos are great but too expensive for me to justify. The wool clothing at longscycle doesn't say it's merino, so I'm worried that it may be itchy. Plus some of designs are kinda far out, if ya know what I mean. The jerseys at Rivendell look like a good bet.
Spot Brand or Swobotamjam
Aug 30, 2002 10:01 AM

Spot makes a nice wool jersey for around $90. Their website is a lot of Flash stuff, so very annoying.

Spokesman Bicycles in Santa Cruz has some Swobos in size small for $30.

Personally I can only ride in wool if the temperature is in the 60s or lower, so here in sunny Norcal, that eliminates a lot of the riding season. And yes, they don't need to be washed for weeks at a time.

And if you go to, you'll see their website says "coming soon"...maybe a reincarnation?