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merckx frame/fork questions(3 posts)

merckx frame/fork questionstarwheel
Aug 15, 2002 7:36 AM
I may have finally located the elusive 56 cm Merckx steel frame I've been searching for. It's a 1996 Corsa NOS frame that's never been built, but for some reason the fork has been used. I think I can buy the frame separately or with the fork. I've received good photos of the frame and it looks brand new, but didn't receive shots of the fork. Owner says the fork is "lightly used." Couple of questions:
-- Should I buy the fork as well, or just buy a new carbon fork? If so, how much rake do Merckx steel frames have in this size? (eg, 40, 43 or 45 mm)
-- What's a fair price for the frame and fork? The seller is asking $500, which seems high to me based on what I've seen for sale on eBay over many months. Most Merckx frames w/forks seem to sell for $300-400, and often include headsets and BBs, stems for that price.
Aug 17, 2002 4:55 AM
Don't know a whole lot about Merckx so can't answer the rake question.

$500 with used fork? How come fork is used but frame is NOS? Is it cut to the right size?

Threaded 1" carbon forks are readily available for under $100 in the various catalogs.

FWIW I paid $450 for a NOS Colnago Master w/uncut Precisa chrome fork of similar vintage awhile ago on eBay. It never hurts to negotiate.
re: merckx frame/fork questionsgtx
Aug 17, 2002 5:02 PM
$500 sounds about right for a new frame with a lightly used fork. If it's the orginal fork that came with the frame, or at least the right fork for the frame, I'd buy it. Merckx forks have a lot of rake--somewhere around 5cm, which you won't find with stock carbon forks. Good luck.