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Several PX-10's on ebay me...(2 posts)

Several PX-10's on ebay me...Djudd
Aug 14, 2002 4:24 PM
When I started riding "10 speeds" oh so long ago I used to think of Gitanes as the good guy of French bikes and Peugeots as the bad guys because my dad had a touring Gitane (triple crank, racks, Mafac brakes, Simplex derailleur, the whole thing) that I thought was unmatched in cool (he still has it and rides it). Then an older cousin bought a used PX-10 and won some local races. I was torn then decided Italian bikes were better than them all. My friends concurred and that ended that. Now I am getting a hankering for a PX-10. Looking at ebay I might take the plunge. (this from a man with three bike projects in the works as he writes)
Go for it...My current project is a PX10...Dave Hickey
Aug 14, 2002 5:45 PM
I bought a PX-10 on Ebay a couple of months ago. Ebay always has a lot of NOS French threaded BB's and headsets so I'm not really concerned about parts availibility. I keep asking myself, why do I need another French bike??