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Crying the blues over my Mondon...(4 posts)

Crying the blues over my Mondon...wspokes
Aug 13, 2002 10:23 AM
Well, I hope you don't mind me crying out loud...but the bike I anticipated and waited since January arrived several weeks ago. A mid to late 80s Mondonico newly restored with a bright and shiny new british green paint job and new yellow outlined mondonico transfers...right down to a new headbadge. I just got a real chance to get it out of the box and begin the exciting process of assembly, upon placing the wheels on it and peering over it I find only one problem, I ride a 59cm. I knew this was going to be a little big from discussions with the gentleman who I got the frame from but only anticipated a 60 c-t which I could handle...unfortunately it is a 62cm c-t which translates out to be just too darn big! Now I sit pondering my next options...which are limited now. Beautiful Mondonico, newly painted, new transfers...80s, beautiful lugged SL frameset with fastback seatstays, one set of bottle bosses, mondonico crowned fork...too large! time to cry...or at least go for a anguish ride!
my sympathies, I see ebay in your future...nmDjudd
Aug 13, 2002 11:31 AM
Is THIS Mondonico too big as well?Tommy B
Aug 13, 2002 12:01 PM

Wow, I'd be ready to cry too! After all that anticipation...ugh! I had been on Ebay earlier and remembered seeing this Mondonico after reading your post. It's a 60cm c-c (maybe 61cm c-t?) with a 58.5cm c-c top tube limited anniversary edition in dark green metallic, w/ a wishbone seatstay, chrome fork, chrome rt chain stay, and chrome head tube lugs. It looks like a beauty!

I hope this helps! (In case you're wondering, this isn't my frameset or ebay auction...I ride a size 51cm!)

Good luck,
Is THIS Mondonico too big as well?wspokes
Aug 13, 2002 12:14 PM
Ahhh, OUch! a little too pricey on that one, this is why I am especially disappointed in mine being too large. This ebay mondonico is nice but the one I got was a good deal until I found It was too large. Either way, I believe "nm" post was correct in saying "ebay is in my future" unless something else comes along. I may wait til the Trexlertown swap and take it down with me but I could probably get my money back out of it on ebay quicker. thanks...

Doesn't change how I feel...still crying the blues....