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"Can Anyone Help Me with a Price on this Road Bike?...Please(3 posts)

"Can Anyone Help Me with a Price on this Road Bike?...PleaseJOMAS
Jul 30, 2002 10:39 AM
Here's the deal:
I've got a friend that want's to sell his old road bike and get a new one. he asked me if I knew it's value—I don't but I said I'd try to find out so any help would be appreciated.

Trek 1100 aluminum black w/teal decals (Year?..late 80's maybe?)
Suntour Edge Accushift components 21 speed (7 speed freewheel X 3 speed chainrings)
Suntour Edge brakes
Suntour Edge cranks (with biopace rings!)
no pedals
Mallard hubs on Trek Matrix rims
I'm pretty sure it's all the original equipment that came stock with the bike.
(all except the wide "tractor seat" that he's got on it!)

Everything is in good condition save for the occasional nicks and scratches in the frame, and normal wear and tear on the components. the BB needs replacing and it's also got a worn freewheel (that weighs almost as much as the bike!)

basically i'd like to know what it's worth—not an exact figure but at least something to go on, he and i don't have a clue!

thanks in advance for any help.

Probably not alotWalter
Jul 31, 2002 11:18 AM
Older lugged steel Trek frames are high quality and get minimal collector heat. This is even more true for their early aluminum frames. The problem your friend is going to face is that very few aluminum frames from the'80s are deemed collectible and the frame probably has 126mm dropout spread so it can't easily be upgraded to 9 speed Shimano or 10 speed Campy. Because of this the bike falls in the large bin that's called the "used 10 speed" market. He might get lucky and find a buyer who's willing to give $100US for it but he'll have alot of people offer him $25-50 too. With the success of Lance now's not a bad time to sell a Trek even if there's light years between that bike and their current top enders.

If he doesn't mind the hassle put it in eBay, you might get 2 people who bid it up.
I think that would be a little low around here...cory
Aug 1, 2002 8:27 AM
As Walter said, it probably has zero value as a collectible, but it IS a decent, rideable bike. The Biopace rings won't help, but the freewheel and BB might respond to just cleaning and lubrication (repack the BB, flush the freewheel out with something like WD-40, let it dry, then drip in some oil). Road bikes are making a pretty strong comeback where I live (LBS says it was 90 percent mountain five years ago, now about 50-50). Wipe it down with Lemon Pledge and put it in the newspaper for...$175/offer?