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Retro MemoriesWalter
Jul 27, 2002 7:27 PM
Spent a relaxing hour in the pool with a well made 'rita and now my memories are flowing and I feel like waxing nostalgic.

I'm 38 and rode roadbikes ("10 speeds") from about 1977 or so. Heart of the Boom in other words. There was a "culture" at that time which I miss. I'd get home from school and hop on my Motobecane and ride to Haulover Beach (N. Miami Beach area, there were no topless models on S. Beach back then). Pedal like hell coming down the bridge over the inlet and occasionally pass a car. No fear back before there were t-shirts bragging about it. Always meet other riders and could count on seeing a few regulars. No organized rides, clubs and whatnot just alot of teen through early 30s guys on decent to high-quality bikes and most of us were competitive by nature. Sprints for a buck, any "poser" wearing kit would get challenged for his gloves. Haulover had a wide paved road closed to vehicular traffic, except lifeguards, and sprinting for a buck or 2 along the ocean was pretty cool even if you didn't win them all.

For adventure I'd get with a friend and ride to Coconut Grove. Never knew what you would see there before it became all commercial but you could count on other roadies for sure. Cool LBS there and the "Great" Coconut Grove Race was pretty much alright though maybe not quite great. All gone now.

Looking for the pretty girls? Head north 20 miles and there was Ft. Lauderdale Beach when it was still the real deal. Still lots of pretty girls there but the bikes are Wal-Mart "mountain" bikes or some guy who has spent $1000s to look like Lance. No authenticity.

I live about 100 miles north now but that scene was gone before I left for college in the early-mid 80s. Around where I live now my wife and I are a depressingly large % of the roadie population and we're about the average age too. Depressing.

Well I've waxed. If I've struck a chord, post your reflections. If I've bored you don't hesitate to tell me, by profession I'm a Special Ed. teacher and my skin's pretty thick. Besides the 'ritas were well made.
Excellent post... I'm leaving now to ride my 1976 Gitane and..Dave Hickey
Jul 28, 2002 4:22 AM
Then I'll come back and watch Breaking Away. Thanks for the memories.
Watched American Flyers in it's entirety the other day...Lone Gunman
Jul 28, 2002 8:44 AM
Costner looked and acted like an out of work porno actor, the riding scenes were good by the standards of the rest of the movie, I like Breaking Away better.

Ah, nostalgia... I started riding the 20"ers as a kid, would get down to the BIG Schwinn shop and see what was new occassionally. I had a paper route and saved up enough money to buy a Western Flyer 10 speed bike, rode it into the ground and sold it, bought a Schwinn Continental used from a guy while I still delivered papers and poured over the pages of Bicycling magazine and the blonde Swedish Crescent models. Never really remember other guys really taking an interest in higher end geared bikes once they turned 16. I stuck with it and got my Viscount and then my interest wained for a few years and rekindled in 90. Been going good for a few years now. But I do remember everyone had a better bike than mine. Paramount, Raleigh, Concorde...
Arrrrrgh...sold my beloved '73 Gitane TDF to buy a chainsaw!treeman
Aug 3, 2002 3:16 PM
That was 1977, finished forestry school, and off to northern Michigan with my back issues of Mother Earth News magazine.

Many thousands of miles of great memories......argueing with my best friend for buying a Peugeot PX 10 and dreaming of being the next Eddy Merxx.

Thanks for the great post. I'm just back on a bike this summer - feels great.