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A Sad (and Expensive) Day...(2 posts)

A Sad (and Expensive) Day...brian n
Jul 25, 2002 7:04 AM
Last week at the track I noticed a slight creaking coming from my bottom bracket area on my ~10 year old DeBernardi Pista frame. Checked everything, out, tightened bolts, etc., and kept riding. This week, the creaking was louder, and upon closer inspection my NR Pista crank had the telltale fatigue crack eminating from the spider/crank area. Damn! That was the last of the remaining campy NR Pista group on the bike. As there were no markings on the crank (except PISTA 165) and the bolt pattern was 151mm, I was able to date the grouppo to 1963 from markings on the axles of the high flange hubs. I was hoping they'd go one more season to make it an even 40 years!

Of course this means that I get to upgrade... and naturally I got the new Campy pista cranks. So beautiful, So expensive!!! yet they are a good deal stiffer.

that is a cool run for one crankset .....Spirito
Jul 25, 2002 3:34 PM
the change to the c-record may be cool in the sense that you will be able to find chainrings without competing with collectors for oncreasingly rare 151bcd patterns (especially in track widths).

sad to say, but if you come accross any loose cup, spindle ball pista bottom brackets snap them up as they are no longer made. sealed and replace only is the future for even track bb's from campy.

a choice would be nice .....