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Would you pay for this thing?(2 posts)

Would you pay for this thing?tronracer
Jul 23, 2002 12:49 PM
Nothing exotic about it. Just an old trek. It's got new paint, so what? Can anyone find positive qualities in this bike? What price would be right to buy this frame? Would they have to pay you to ride it? Or they couldn't pay you enough to ride it?
re: Would you pay for this thing?Walter
Jul 27, 2002 6:56 PM
$250 is overpriced IMO. An often overlooked fact is that old lugged steel Treks (which this is not) are of high quality. Trek brazed a frame in the late '70s that stood up to anything from the Isles or the Continent though you wouldn't know it from watching collectors. I remember an early dealer trying to get me off my Motobecane about 1979 or so. Told me his stuff was alot better than my Moto and at $500 or so was a steal compared to the Italians for the then astronomical $1000-1100 price. Guy was right too but I was a kid and $500 was as out of reach as $1000. Also a friend rode Viscounts and was constantly trying to get me to go that way.

Back to he point. A higline Trek of siver brazed steel with a CyclArt finish might make me sniff the air a bit. Not an out of date aluminum frame.